An award-winning program of children’s Home society of north Carolina, celebrates 30 year of its holistic method in giving social and emotional finding out to promote healthy relationships to teen males.

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Why male Youth?

Teen males room powerfully shaped by our culture’s concepts of masculinity and also manhood. All too often those ideas are linked with aggression and also dominance. Sex is viewed as a sign of manhood and also caring together a sign of weakness. Wise Guys provides young guys a chance to rethink your understandings of this concepts, and to think about the idea of stamin as something that is presented most powerfully with respect and also responsibility, no by force. As teenager males start to have moral conversations v their peers on this topics, they check out that no all males conform to stereotyped expectations, and also they gain valuable support from each other. Wise males engages teenager males in one interactive, participatory procedure that examines their values and also goals for the future, and also provides them through the basis to make healthy options in their relationships.

Today, the Wise men program is offered in English and also Spanish to a range of audiences across the country. Communities, coast to coast, have applied Wise guys with varied groups of males in a variety of settings: native schools, community and health centers to sporting activities leagues, belief groups, and more. Over 5,000 teenager males participated in this regimen last year.


“Wise Guys aided me become an ext responsible. It helped me find out to respect people and their voices and also feelings. The program allows me get stuff off my chest and also lets us talk around guy stuff with men who recognize us.”

— Devin, 14


Wise men Curriculum Highlights

Character EducationHealthy MasculinityPositive Youth DevelopmentConsent in RelationshipsFamily ValuesCommunicationSTD PreventionReducing Risky BehaviorsDating ViolenceBullying PreventionTeen pregnant PreventionSexual health and wellness Education

National Health education Standards Infographic

Our Curriculum synopsis & Outcomes

“I would placed Wise guys in every title 1 middle School in the college system.”

— P. Williams, college Principal

Interested in learning much more about our training opportunities?

Training is easily accessible for educators and also other specialists who would favor to begin the Wise men program in their very own communities.

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