Transportation Security policemans (TSOs) are the face of the agency, the human being on the prior lines and also the most important role at For countless people, functioning as a TSO has led to a long, fulfilling career with the federal government.

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People Person

TSOs invest a most time interfacing v the public and providing customer service.


Dependable and Adaptable

TSOs have to defend the traveling public and also respond conveniently to dynamic threats.


Fast Learner

TSOs room responsible for learning and also staying up to date on typical operating procedures.


Early Bird or a Night Owl

TSOs often work at an early stage morning or late-night shifts. As operational demands fluctuate, it’s vital to be flexible.


Focused and Calm

TSOs should keep your cool once handling daunting passengers or responding to threats.


Good physics Shape

TSOs must have the ability to lift heavy baggage, stand and also walk for lengthy periods of time there is no a break.


Comfortable In close Spaces with Others

TSOs must conduct pat-downs top top passengers and sift with passenger items in bags.

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The Realistic task Preview gives an objective, vivid portrait of working as a TSO and employee testimonies around both the positive and also the an overwhelming aspects the the position.

Learn around the Transportation defense Officer (TSO) position and what that is favor to occupational on the front heat protecting ours nation"s transport systems.

Job Description

TSOs are responsible for offering security and also protection of travelers throughout all transportation sectors in a courteous and also professional manner. Your duties may also extend come securing high-profile events, crucial figures and/or something that includes or results our transport systems.


Operating miscellaneous screening devices and modern technology to recognize dangerous objects in baggage, cargo and/or on passengers, and preventing those objects from being transported ~ above aircraftPerforming searches and also screening, i m sorry may incorporate physical interaction with passengers (e.g., beat downs, residential property searches) conducting bag searches and also lifting/carrying bags, bins and also property weighing up to 50lbs.Controlling terminal entry and also exit pointsInteracting with the public, providing directions and responding come inquiriesRetaining and implementing knowledge of all applicable standard Operating Procedures


TSOs are at some point required to finish an role play training program at the Academy. Situated in the Federal law Enforcement Training facility (FLETC) in Glynco, GA, the program is a total of 80 compensable hours. covers all take trip expenses and also lodging, as students must reside on-center or in FLETC-provided housing for the entirety of the program. When the Academy offers the foundation for success, employees proceed to obtain training throughout your career.


Next Steps

Security career Path

LTSOSTSOTraining InstructorCanine Handler

Other job Paths

Law Enforcement – commonwealth Air MarshalMission support – regime AnalystHR SpecialistContracts SpecialistAnd More

Eligibility accepts candidates of all various backgrounds and experience levels. Our simple requirements include:

U.S. citizen or national18 years of age or olderHigh school diploma, GED or tantamount certificateAble to pass a federal medicine screening, clinical evaluation and also background investigationAvailable to occupational shifts in ~ odd hours, occasional overtime and the capacity to travel for training

TSO hiring Process

The TSO hiring process takes around to 90 work on average. Review the process below to obtain a much better idea of what to expect, and ensure you’re all set every step of the way.

1. Discover a Job chance Announcement (JOA).
Use the above search bar come browse open TSO positions or find on USAglossesweb.comApplicants have the right to search by series, keyword, JOA number, room or locationSort outcomes by open or close date, ar or department

For example: to look for an open TSO duty near you, type "TSO" right into the find field and also enter her location. Click a project title to see the complete description, and also if it seems choose the best fit, apply from there.

2. Develop a profile and apply.
You must produce a file on to use for employment with the federal will straight you to (a secure federal portal) where you will be able to follow the actions to develop an account. You’ll need to reply to a confirmation email to authorize in, and subsequently as soon as you accessibility the site you’ll be sent a one-time security code by text or phone call.

For TSO positions, a resume is not required. To prevent submitting a resume, follow these steps:

Step 1: ~ above the Select Resume page, choose Build Resume.

Step 2: The Resume Builder will appear. In the Resume name Field, enter placeholder message such as "TSO application" or "Blank," climate click Next.

Step 3: Under Add job-related Experience, choose the examine box alongside "I carry out not great to provide work experience" and also click Next. Carry out the exact same for "I do not wish to provide education." Then pick the inspect box beside "References accessible upon request" and click Finish.

Step 4: when on the testimonial Package screen, click the check box next to "I acknowledge that I have reviewed mine resume and document(s)." then click Save and also Continue.

Step 5: continue through the remainder the the application

When using on, be certain to finish the following:

Contact informationDemographic details and personal informationEligibility questionnaire


Review her information before submitting.Be sure to upload any additional documents that may be required. Veterans receive special consideration during the hiring procedure so be certain that you have actually uploaded her DD-214 come prove your eligibility
3. Complete Computer-Based experimentation (CBT).
If you satisfy the minimum qualifications, you might be invited to take it a CBT to check proficiency in English and an essential competencies because that TSOs and to advice x-ray translate aptitude. Upon passing the CBT, girlfriend will move on to additional assessments.
4. Complete the airplane assessment.
This entails a structured interview and fingerprinting. A structured interview is one assessment an approach designed to measure up job-related competencies by systematically inquiring about behavior in previous experiences and/or proposed behavior in hypothetical situationsStructured interviews ensure candidates have equal avenues to carry out information. Interviewers use standardized rating scale to evaluate candidates accurately and also consistently.
5. Complete a clinical evaluation and federal medicine screening.
The medical evaluation contains a color vision test, vision and also hearing exam, and also adequate joint mobility exam (determines the physical potential to consistently lift and/or bring up to 50lbs., stand for 3-4 hours and also walk up to 3 miles throughout a shift)
6. Complete a background check.
7. Get in the ready pool.
After perfect all required steps, TSO candidates go into the “ready pool” and also are default to receive a project offer commensurate v an airport’s hiring needsYour prepared pool standing stays energetic for one year after submission

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