Have you ever dreamt of gaining a task as a Disney Princess? girlfriend don’t require to have a king and queen as your parents to qualify!

You simply need to apply to work at Disney and earn the project as a costumed actors member. That ain’t glass slippers and happily ever before afters, though. Below are a couple of things to know about working as a Disney Princess.

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You should Lie around Your Job

Disney Princesses never ever lie, right? the would carry shame on them, their families, and the magical creatures that constantly befriend them.

Lying is something just villains do…except at Disney design template parks.

One of the strangest rules about working together a Disney Princess is that you have to lie around it. You deserve to never say the you’re Cinderella or Aurora or Elsa. ~ all, you can not be a human being who currently exists in the magical kingdom of a Disney template park.

Even though you spend hrs dressed like Sleeping Beauty, you can not tell people that. Instead, you should tell human being that you’re friends through the character you portray.


It’s a type of an enig Disney code.

When someone states that they’re friends through Rapunzel, what castle really informing you is that they stay the world longest wig each day.


You Will face Stiff Competition

Nobody ever desires of taking care of the trash in ~ Disneyland. Once we’re kids, us act favor our favorite characters and imagine what their stays are like.

And few of these youngsters grow increase to end up being cast members. What percent of them do you think list “hot dog vendor” together their first job choice?Exactly.


Competition for “face” characters is may be the fiercest among all cast member assignments. Everyone desires to dress up favor a Disney Princess and bring joy and laughter right into the resides of children.

It’s a dream job for everyone. Clearly, that type of task comes with intense competition.


Disney’s administration team hold multiple auditions for Disney Princess gigs. And they mean a lot native the candidates.

Potential princesses must present that they have actually the right stuff in numerous categories. Would-be cast members need to act like the character, improvise quickly, and even prove the they can sign autographs that s right in character.


Some the the skills require training and won’t exclude who from casting. Others aren’t up because that debate. We’ll talk about a couple of non-starters in the next two sections, however improvisational an abilities matter the many in acquiring the job.

After all, design template parks space utterly unpredictable. Anyone who can’t act favor a princess in the face of chaos won’t cut it.


You have to Possess Princess Measurements

Have you ever lost a job since you were too tall? Or too small? actors members have.

Over the years, Disney’s management team has chosen border guidelines about who can and also can’t wear a Disney Princess costume.


While the number vary based on the specific character, every casting decision contains height ranges. For example, most Disney Princess costumes fit women who space 5’4″ to 5’7″. Actors members who don’t loss into that range automatically shed out on a possibility to portray many characters.

Some Disney personalities are ~ above the shorter side. However, castle ones like Alice, Tinkerbell, and also Wendy, non-Princesses. Similarly, Disney loves tall women since they deserve to lord over others.


Yes, anyone in the variety of 5’6” come 5’10” can portray the evil stepsisters or Maleficent. The the premise that evil characters menacingly tower end the kind-hearted Disney Princesses.

So, you can play a costumed personality no matter your height. However, you most likely to portray a Disney character if she 5’4” to 5’7”. Nature’s already decided even if it is you’re right for the job. Isn’t the cruel?


You need to Fit into the Costume

Also, you must Say Yes come the Dress, so to speak. Her Disney Princess costume comes v physical limitations. Details physiques won’t work, and some that the reasons for dismissal space amusing.

For example, muscular women space too fit come portray princesses. The outfits look finest on small-armed women.


Chesty females are an in similar way out of luck. Disney’s towel department maintains a pragmatic “one dimension fits all” mentality. Ergo, the dressmakers skew towards average-sized cleavage.

For assorted reasons, it’s simpler to ingredient a bra 보다 it is come strap the cleavage down. Yes, the buxom women are much less likely come live the end their dream of play a Disney Princess.


Oh, you must fit into a dress that’s size 10 or smaller, too. I’m told the anyone beyond size 12 will have actually issues, and so Disney hardly ever casts the way.

They will make exceptions for potential employees that otherwise have the absolutely perfect Disney Princess look, though. Notably, it’s a more manageable instance than cleavage.


Photo: Disney

You need to Look the Part

Objectifying ladies is horribly wrong, and also we all know that. We certainly wouldn’t hire anyone based on their appearance. It is the quickest way to a sex-related harassment settlement. However the situation is various for Disney Princesses.

When girlfriend look in ~ Merida, you must believe that she’s a ferocious Scottish lass qualified of beating increase anyone who wrongs her. Basically, she a middle ages Becky Lynch. A glimpse that Merida (or Lynch) wouldn’t seem right unless you witnessed the red hair, right? Well, a wig have the right to cover that.


The cosmetic coverage notwithstanding, Merida still demands chubby, circular cheeks and a cocksure smile. She also should have pale attributes fitting because that the scotsman of that era, who couldn’t acquire a tan if their an extremely lives depended on it.

In short, Merida need to look favor Merida. Because that this reason, Disney casts based on physical appearance through its Princesses. Some world are also tall or too quick or as well slender-cheeked to fit the bill. And also that’s a deal-breaker for Disney.


You Will acquire Hit On

Anyone that has ever googled photos of Disney Princesses accepts that no everyone is pure of heart. Some people’s Cinderella fantasies have actually nothing to carry out with glass slippers or a pumpkin carriage. Yeah, it have the right to be a gun job.

Disney Princesses get unwelcome fist from strangers on one hourly basis. The comes v the territory.


Since every one of these personalities are gorgeous and also Disney casts based on accuracy the appearance, the inescapable occurs.

Park guests look at a breathtaking cast member dressed as a princess, and also they get flirty. Sometimes, they also get handsy.


Cast members joke that several of the many awkward park jobs are the ones wherein you’re in a skimpy outfit, at the very least by Disney standards. Pocahontas and Jasmine have actually costumes that bare some shoulder and midriff, and also guests sort of lose their minds since of it.

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Even husbands taking pictures with their kids have done their fair re-publishing of grabbing. It’s among the strange byproducts of working as a Disney Princess.

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