If you could make $164,000 a year in a project that associated luxury cars, travel and rent-free living, you’d think about it, right?

An update to the current nanny advertisement that has received so much attention. Photo by childcare.co.uk as soon as Gwyneth Paltrow advertised for simply such a nanny in 2011, the successful candidate essential to own a timeless education, it is in fluent in at the very least three languages, play two instruments, it is in passionate around sailing and also tennis, and also enjoy art background or martial arts. The Duke and also Duchess that Cambridge, meanwhile, hired a coveted graduate of call nanny school Norland university in Bath, for Prince George.

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mar Poppins is the archetype of a high-end nanny, only currently the project is much an ext demanding. Photograph by file then she proved me the nanny’s room. It had actually an ironing board-like bed and also bars top top the window. I got a contact the following day saying the she to be sorry, yet they to be going with a girl who had just got an MA native Oxford.

A few weeks later, I discovered a job looking ~ two children in a Chelsea town house. Ns was thrilled yet quickly establish that, together my nannying duties, i was likewise a prize.

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“Rebecca is English,” i heard mine employers say, choose I was the season’s It-bag. In the playground at one of London’s many exclusive prep schools, i noticed much more and much more “naice” English girls v prestigious degrees. ~ all, “our nanny to be at Balliol” is a an excellent line come drop in ~ a dinner party.

You could be wonder why someone v an Oxbridge level would want to relegate themselves to “staff”. But even the ability to speak three languages doesn’t do you immune to the attract of bonuses, designer handbags as thank-you gifts and also use of the personal jet. Paola Diana, CEO of to exclude, recruitment company Nanny & Butler, has dubbed it a “magical lifestyle. The a dream come true. They are just girls in their twenties.”

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