below Deck: rule Charter Guests must Follow on The Yacht producer have produced a collection of rule that listed below Deck charter guests have to follow. Part guests decision to break the rules while filming the show.

Below Deck
The Below Deck crew members aren"t the just ones on plank who have a certain set of rules to follow, as the charter guests execute too, and also we"re going to talk about those rule today. On many yachts, the guest are enabled to do everything they want, within reason. However, as soon as a guest decides to charter a watercraft while being filmed for Below Deck, they must follow rules comparable to on-set rules for shows filmed top top land.

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The Bravo collection follows the expert and personal lives of people who work in the yachting industry. Transparent the years, viewers have seen the various schedules of yachties. They know where castle sleep, just how they prepare for guests, and so much more.

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After gift on the ship because that so plenty of weeks, the crew members will tend to acquire aggravated v one another, and also drama will certainly ensue. Plus, if the guests are so inclined, they will reason some drama ~ above the ship together well.

They are Not allowed To Speak to Production

Delores Flora Charter Guest Captain Lee listed below Deck 2
Charter guest Terez Lauren, who showed up in the first few episodes of season 6, go an interview with Another listed below Deck Podcast on Patreon (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet), where she spoke about some the the rules guests have to follow. Among them is that they aren"t enabled to communicate with production. ~ the charter guests arrive at the ship, they space not allowed to speak with the production crew. They desire to carry out their finest to not break the fourth wall, and that consists of no interaction in between production and the guests.

Hannah Ferrier Fired below Deck Med
The previous guest and her husband Lee Percenti additionally revealed that playing music wasn"t allowed on board. "One that the things was the music. We had actually dance parties in ours room," Lee revealed. The then included that they also had to salary a license fee to usage the song they want for your wedding. The guest had actually one song for the wedding that they paid for and also had a totality dance party in their room. "I believed they to be gonna make united state look weird due to the fact that we’d walk in our room and shut the door," the explained. "We’d open up it and be like, ‘Hey, we’d like eight espresso martinis. Thanks.’ close up door the door." (via Reality Blurb).

Below Deck Season 7
Terez that Below Deck fame also claimed that nobody on board is allowed to utter words "Bravo." However, fans of The real Housewives of Beverly Hills have currently heard this rumor. During RHOBH season 10, former actors member Denise Richards attempted to use words often, to obtain production come cut certain scenes. Her costar Kyle Richards allegedly told she to say it if she ever before wanted a scene to be left the end of the show.

No Shoes external The Cabin

All crew members in below Deck Season 6
when this might be obvious, the crew and the guest space not enabled to wear their external shoes top top board. Oftentimes viewers will check out guests barefoot walking approximately the teak and also the Below Deck yacht"s internal rooms. High heels can cause dents ~ above the teak floors, and shoe soles will periodically leave scuff point out on the deck and the white carpets (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). In ~ the begin of every charter, the crew will even leave a basket in ~ the enntrance gate of the ship for guests, that are occasionally flirty, to location their shoes prior to coming on board.

Below Deck is a display that caters come the guest, however when filming a TV show, even they should follow a collection of rules. Manufacturing wants to offer the pan the finest entertainment they can, even if that method censoring the guests. The crew may think the guests room the most important component of the charter, but in reality, it"s the viewers.

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Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays in ~ 9 afternoon EST top top Bravo.

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