Marine feeling is supervisor dark and also most people outside of our neighborhood will never recognize it.

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But it’s all good — so long as we’ve obtained these memes, we understand we’re not alone.

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1. Maybe this is why Marines are so obsessed with pull-ups (via Marine Corps Memes).

and faster 보다 a speeding bullet.

2. Lock must have been a 0311 Marine. Yet still saltier than a staff sergeant…

and also still gets more respect than any kind of POG… ever.

3. When you’re therefore excited the you forget just how to speak suitable English.

Yeah, what he said.

4. The main difference between a Marine and an Airman (via pop Smoke).

Killers vs. File pushers.

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5. I have the right to no longer see this rhyming pairs without hearing Taylor Swift… (via armed forces Memes).

It’s all fun and games until gunny find you skating this hard.

6. It’s the one injury prevention guideline that isn’t endorsed by the security NCO (via armed forces Memes).

however hey, as lengthy as the PFC lifts through his legs, he’ll most likely be fine.

7. Becoming a Marine means you readjust forever.

F*ck yeah, the readjust is forever! Semper Fi!

8. The maritime Corps Fashion display is very hit or miss.

however you recognize you still desire to bang one of them.

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9. Don’t complain, boot.

It’s much better than utilizing your toothbrush.

10. The legend has finally been proven.

We never ever doubted it. We swear we didn’t.

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11. Sgt. Pennywise was just named recruiter of the year. True story.

even his nameplate claims Pennywise. That’s freakin’ classic!