Winning a Gerber baby contest comes with cash and additionally FAME. Your tiny cutie it s okay to featured ~ above Gerber ads. There"ll be loads of exposure indigenous the media as soon as your boy is named the "Gerber Spokesbaby".

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One of the Gerber babies, Lucas Warren was also got featured ~ above Jeopardy together a clue.


The renowned original Gerber baby challenge has became an symbol making Ann Turner Cook very famous. Some even called her "The Gerber Lady".

Could your baby it is in the following Gerber baby the get included onto this perform of Gerber winners?

Gerber Baby dispute Winners


2021 Spokesbaby

2020 Spokesbaby

2019 Spokesbaby

2018 Spokesbaby

2017 Spokesbaby

2016 Spokesbaby
2015 Spokesbaby
2014 Spokesbaby
2013 Spokesbaby
2012 Spokesbaby
2011 Spokesbaby
1928 initial Gerber Baby
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Entertaining the Idea: ending up being a Gerber Baby

Parents from almost everywhere the civilization are wondering how can their kid become a Gerber baby? while others are pondering just how to send photos for a opportunity at Gerber baby modeling?



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Today, we"re comment these questions for you.

Wondering and pondering no more...

The quick answer: Gerber Baby challenge known together the Gerber photograph Search

The only method to come to be the new Gerber baby is to enter the Gerber photograph Search contest and wins the grand prize.

You don"t have to sign her baby up because that anything to go into these Gerber infant contests.

For example because 2017 and 2018, Gerber utilized Instagram to runs the Gerber photo Search contest.

All you have to do is signup because that an Instagram account if you don"t have actually one. Once you signed increase or already have one Instagram account then just upload her baby photos through the hashtag #GerberPhotoSearch2018.

(Note: the hashtag to be from the 2018 contest using as an example. Another example, #GerberPhotoSearch2017 for 2017 contest.)

That"s it.

Of course there are challenge rules the you must know.

You need to wait until Gerber announces the contest. The contest runs only when a year. And your picture will just count throughout the submission period.

You can not submit or upload photos before or ~ the entry period. It will certainly be disqualified if friend do.

However, prior to we get ahead the ourselves. The Gerber baby contest is not for everyone.

It"s not for you if...

If you"re a residents of Canada or various other parts of the civilization that"s not us then the Gerber baby challenge is no for you. It"s only for inhabitants of the 50 unified States, Washington D.C., or Puerto Rico.If you desire to save ownership of her photos then this baby challenge is not for you. When you upload her photos come Gerber you"re no much longer own those photos.

Are friend still to chat the idea that your cute baby could win the following Gerber baby contest?

Gerber Baby challenge Rules

Here room some dispute rules the you should know. Although the official Gerber baby dispute rules alters from year to year, these rules listed below are usually remain the very same or through minor changes.

Baby age limit. 1 day to 24 month old.Resident & age. Participants need to be a legal resident that the 50 unified States, Washington D.C., or Puerto Rico and be 18 year of age or the legal period of resident.Legal. You need to be the parent or legit guardian of the child(ren) in the photo(s).Photograph. Photos need to be take away no much longer than 30 days that submission.Photo. only one kid in a photo. No collage photograph (multiple photos into one). No naked photograph (baby must be in ~ least have actually a diaper on).Entry. You might upload up to 10 photos, a full of 10 entries.Fee. The Gerber baby challenge is a cost-free baby photo contest. There space no authorize up or purchase required.

We extremely recommend the you examine with the Gerber baby contest official rules each year as they carry out change.

Get inform When the Gerber Baby dispute Starts

The Gerber picture Search just runs when a year. It normally starts at some point in the fall. As soon as the contest starts that"s once you have the right to submit your baby photos come Gerber.

After the photo entry deadline then follow by a judging period.

The winners will be announce at some point in January or February that the complying with year. That"s once you"ll know who just became the new Gerber baby.

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