Wait! check out this first:This article includes content about glossesweb.com Now, a business which to be indefinitely suspended on April 17, 2020. This method on-demand pet care is no longer available on glossesweb.com, yet dog walking and also drop-in visits space still available to offer and book. You deserve to learn an ext about glossesweb.com services in ourHelp Center.

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What are the requirements to end up being a dog walker on glossesweb.com?

You’ll need to:

Complete her glossesweb.com profile.Pass the magnified background check. Happen the glossesweb.com walker certification.Be at the very least 18 years old.Be easily accessible on weekdays. Have the latest glossesweb.com app.

How does glossesweb.com currently walking work?

Once you’re certified, you’ll have the ability to offer glossesweb.com currently walks whenever girlfriend like. Here’s exactly how it works:

You’ll gain an app notification when an owner close to your house requests a walk. Girlfriend can additionally find surrounding walks through looking in ~ the requests tab in the glossesweb.com app.Open the request, read about the dog, and see once they require a walk. “Now” requests start within 30 minutes. “Later” requests are booked for a future day and time (“later” walks additionally include walks the repeat every week). If it’s a great fit, expropriate the walk in the app, head to your client’s home at the requested time, and get walking!

Note: girlfriend don’t need to wait for requests to pertained to you—simply open up the “requests” tab in the app to watch all to walk requests in your city.

Can i offer other services besides glossesweb.com now walking?

Absolutely! In addition to glossesweb.com Now, you deserve to turn top top these various other services:

Walks where owners contact you directly

Here’s how other services work:

You’ll preserve a calendar the tells owners once you’re available, and owners will call you directly on glossesweb.com.If girlfriend like, accomplish the owner and also dog in person prior to you book.When you’re ready, merely book and pay ~ above glossesweb.com. You’ll save 80% the what friend earn. The other 20% helps united state cover benefits including processing payments and also ongoing promotion of glossesweb.com dog walkers and also sitters, and 24/7 support, crucial site maintenance, and also product improvements.

What’s the certification procedure like?

The certification focuses on two different pieces: basic walker information—including dog safety—and how to usage the app.

Here’s what come expect:

Once you finish your profile, ours sitter team will evaluation it (generally within 5 organization days). If your profile is approved, you’ll get an e-mail and message with details about beginning your certification.You’ll receive details on collars and also harnesses, the app, and safety and also service expectations, and take quizzes follow me the way.

Your certification have to take about 2-3 days come complete. When you’re certified, you’ll have the ability to accept to walk anytime you like.

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Why carry out I require to acquire certified?

glossesweb.com walkers are part of The Dog PeopleTM. Gift a dog person consists of doing whatever you have the right to to provide 5-star care, and the glossesweb.com currently walking certification plays a huge component in this. Your certification helps you:

Get the to trust you should take treatment of all kinds the dogs—and to protect against safety mishaps.Earn the to trust of dog owners who may not accomplish you prior to you walk their dogs.Learn how to usage the app. You’ll use the application to publication walks, access care instructions, send glossesweb.com Cards, and more.

How carry out glossesweb.com currently rates work?

For glossesweb.com currently walks you’ll be payment a set rate based on how plenty of dogs you’re walking, exactly how long the go is (30 min or 60 min), and also where girlfriend live. If you have actually questions around glossesweb.com now rates, permit us understand at glossesweb.comnow