If cruise ships look at like giant palaces or flashy kingdoms afloat on the ocean, adorned v all their glitz and glamour, it i will not ~ be one overstatement the the captain in command of this ships is certainly the king of this floating kingdoms.

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The captain undoubtedly, together it is in the situation of cargo ships too, has actually the overall and overriding duty of whatever related to that ship throughout departments and holds the highest possible office ~ above the ship.


The captain undoubtedly, enjoys a standing of a king on board passenger ships, gift the ship’s supreme commander, as we have actually seen and also therefore, enjoys many perks and also benefits.

These may encompass five-star accommodation onboard akin to luxurious passenger suites, room-service, company-sponsored first-class flight travel, short contracts of around 2 months and also paid vacations, among others.

The salary that a cruise delivery captain earns is normally in the selection of 15000-25000 USD every month, depending on rank experience, seniority and agency pay scale.

To conclude, it would simply be fair to say that although a cruise ship captain enjoys a high pay package and also many perks and also facilities, and is valued together a prestigious position, what comes along with all the glitter is a hill of responsibility and accountability not only towards his own job-related but also towards the actions of each and also every crew-member ~ above the ship he commands.

He has to lead through example and also epitomize great management skills in a multifaceted, multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary cruise ship, which has plenty of hundreds that crew-members and thousands of passengers at any kind of given time, together all the crew will certainly look up to him as an inspiration.

He needs to ensure that he operation a tight delivery by coordinating properly with each department ~ above board and the agency shoreside.

He additionally has come make certain that the ship is up-to-date through all the inspections and also certifications, is in compliance through all international, flag state and also port state rules and regulations.

Most importantly, he have to be capable of managing extreme pressure, as he may need to tackle accidents and sudden emergencies (like what happened to the Costa Concordia) and will have to make rapid decisions the may affect thousands of resides onboard.

And finally, if ~ everything, he is can not to salvage his vessel, he will be the one to make the decision to give up ship and ensure that each and every heart on board is evacuated come safety prior to himself, since as the captain, he must be the last human to leaving the ship, unlike in the instance of the Costa Concordia.

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Therefore, the crown the the captain may be engraved with numerous precious jewels, yet there is no doubt that it sits heavy on his head!

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