The greatest Loser holds auditions because that both individuals and teams to participate in the well-known weight loss difficulty TV reality show.

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Various auditions room held around the nation where girlfriend will need to lug your charismatic personality, the desire to shed weight, and a vain edge, in order to vie for a ar on the display where the winner obtain $250 000, together with a brand-new figure. If you desire to girlfriend can additionally send in a video to The best Loser along with a recent photo of yourself and also the application type to:

The best Loser CastingP.O crate 10037Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-0578

The video clip should be DVD or mini DV layouts only and also consist the 10 minute detailing why you must be ~ above The best Loser. Because that all spreading details visit: Official spreading Website

You need to make your video clip as an individual as friend can, and also mention her name, age, hometown, weight, and height. You should offer the producer a “day in the life” sort of video touring your work and also home, and explain your reasons for wanting to shed the weight and also why it is so essential to you. This can be for wellness reasons, because that an upcoming event, after ~ a pregnancy, since you could have been a high institution athlete and also then her lifestyle adjusted dramatically. Every little thing the reason, you should cite this and show it in her video. You additionally have to show your personality as this is what producer are in search of when casting a fact TV show.

When you room going come an open casting call, girlfriend should carry your photo, and copy of her ID, and also the perfect application form (or you have the right to fill the end one there). The open up auditions generally start at about 10am and finish at 5pm, however people start queuing from beforehand in the morning to ensure the they obtain a place, as the spreading directors can only see around 500 people. They request that you no line up more than 3 hours ahead the time however. There are various rules that you have to abide by, one of which being that you have to be a united state citizen and also over the period of 18.

The best Loser Couples show selects 11 couples to it is in in the cast, when the individual display selects 14 cast members.

Aside native auditioning to it is in a contestant top top the show, girlfriend can also audition to be one of the trainers wherein you will help the contestants in losing weight and getting fit. To use for this you must have a degree or qualification in the fitness and healthcare field, and apply in addition to a an inspiration for gift on the show.

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You can send in a video, and also attend the open spreading calls in ~ the miscellaneous venues throughout the country.