I determined to write a light-hearted post around how different our lives are this day from our grandmothers and good grandmothers the the 1950s. I decided to carry out a tiny research right into the 1950s housewife schedule come see precisely how various things are today and to watch if I could gain some 1950’s cleaning tips!

The 1950’s housework schedule is composed for a 50’s housewife who’s youngsters are of college age.

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I’m not suggesting we all offer up work and also chain ourselves to the kitchen sink. Ns was simply wondering if there was anything homemakers the the fifties go then, that us don’t do so fine today. In this 50s housewife everyday schedule experiment, I’m walking to invest a work in the life that a 1950s housewife through school-age kids, great me luck!

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My Usual day-to-day Schedule

prior to we can compare a 1950’s housewife program to one of today we require to have something to to compare it with, so, let’s begin with my usual housework regimen on mine days off, when the children are in ~ school.

This is a an extremely rough guide as to how my day sometimes pans the end :

6.30 / 7.30 get up, feed the cats, do kid’s breakfast.

7.30 / 7.45 examine calendar/schedule.

7.45 / 8.00 to wash the breakfast dishes.

8.00 / 8.15 execute one load of laundry and also defrost meat for the night meal.

8.15 / 8.25 Shower and also get dressed

8.25 / 9.30 Take children to school.

9.30 / 9.45 Eat breakfast.

9.45 / 10.45 Do everyday jobs from my daily cleaning list, make beds, move the high traffic area floors, execute one load of laundry, execute a toilet swipe, tidy up, perform a light dusting that high traffic areas.

10.45 / 11.45 Prepare and also cook the tea.

11.45 / 12.00 Dry and also put away the laundry.

12.00 / 1.00 Clean one room from my weekly clean schedule.

1.00 / 1.30 Eat lunch.

1.30 / 2.00 perform some ironing.

2.00 / 2.15 Meal setup for tomorrow’s meals.

2.15 / 2.30 check blog stats.

2.30 / 3.30 choose up youngsters from school.

3.30 / 5.00 watch to youngsters & offer tea.

5.00 / 7.00 go to after-school sports.

7.00 / 8.00 begin night time regimen for the youngest child.

8.00 / 8.30 Wash and also dry the dinner dishes.

8.30 / 9.00 Lay apparel out for morning for kids, examine book-bags, and action letters.

9.00/ 9.30 record up and chat with daughter and also spouse, wash and dry couple dinner dishes (he works really late, therefore he gets home and eats late! )

9.30 / 10.50 Relax, watch tv, read or write a blog post.

10.50 / 11.00 placed one pack of to wash on a timer for very early morning wash. Straighten up the living room.

11.00 Bed.

that course, if I’m working, my daily housework schedule looks nothing prefer this, and I just do whatever I can with the time I’ve gained left!

This regimen is no my daily housework schedule on the days I’m in ~ work. However, most evenings we space out at kids activities. Part nights we gain home in ~ 8.45pm, therefore the evenings have the right to look a small different from the day-to-day routine that a housewife native the 50s!

My weekends space spent with the family. If I save on peak of housework and laundry on my days off, it enables me to invest the but on the weekend doing the things I love v my kids and also family.

As ns studied the 1950s housewife schedule i noticed the it didn’t differ too much from my daily routine, so I believed I’d offer it a go on my next day off work.

The 1950s housewife schedule



irradiate the fire, clean the end the old ash from critical night, and also relight the fire because that the household to come under to.

7.30 / 8.45

Get breakfast ready, gain the children ready for school. Take the children to school.

9.00 / 9.45

Wash breakfast dishes.

9.15 / 10.30

Do the daily cleaning of every rooms. Tidy up, make the beds, cave up any type of clothes, choose stuff up turn off the floors, wipe over the sink, toilet, and also bath. Wipe down kitchen surfaces.



Coffee rest (read the newspaper)

10.45 / 11.30

Do a job from the weekly cleaning list.

11.30 /12.00

Get the lunch all set for youngsters coming residence from school

12.00 /1.00

Have having lunch , take children back to school, wash lunch dishes and clear increase .

1.00 / 2.15

Do some home baking, then wash up the dishes.

2.15 /2.30

Free time (spent law gardening or dressmaking)

3.15 /4.00

Go shopping because that food for the meals for the next day. Collect children from school.

4.00/ 4.30

See to the demands of the children , placed shopping away.

4.30 / 5.00

Prepare the night meal.


5.00 / 6.00

Eat evening meal, clear the dining room table and wash the dishes.

6.00 /6.15

Listen come the news

6.15 /7.30

See to the children, beat games, read, bathtub time, bedtime.


Free time, maybe spent reading, knitting, listening come the radio.

9.45/ 10.15

Prepare supper. Wash and also dry dishes, place the dining room table because that breakfast.


Go come bed


Characteristics that a 1950s housewife.


being housewives the the 50s to be dramatically different from just how things are today. Day-to-day life in the 50s differed in numerous ways indigenous the everyday housework schedule the working females today.

Kids came residence from school at lunchtime. Housewives in the 1950s would need to return to school, carry their kids home, feed them, take it them back to school and also clear up, every within an hour in ~ lunchtime. This also ensured the they had to be in ~ home throughout the day for the kids.

There to be fewer supermarkets. A 50’s housewife would have to shop much more frequently at the local shops. There to be no supermarkets come wander around and spend thousands of pounds top top food. Shopping because that food was component of the 1950’s housewife program every day.

Food was scarce, therefore kitchen cupboards and fridges were not overstuffed and cluttered through food.

Men worked, and most ladies stayed at home. Women in the 50s spent a significant amount of time in ~ the house, therefore much an ext time 보다 women perform today. Men and women work more extended hours now than ever before before and both invest fewer hours in the home.

Housekeeping to be the 50’s housewife’s job. regularly her housewife everyday routine to be the only thing she had actually to focus on during the day. She take it pride in her duty of maintaining the residence clean and looking after her family.

1950 housewives had very few mod cons such as washing equipments or tumble driers to make their 1950’s housewife routine any kind of easier. Frequently carpets had to be brushed up or rugs to be beaten outside. Laundry had actually to it is in hand-washed, ran v the mangle and also dried outside or inside if the weather to be miserable.

A fifties housewife had actually no free childcare support, children started college at 5 or 6 year old, because of this it was daunting for women in the ’50s to go back to work once they ended up being parents, regularly working wasn’t an choice they might consider.

Kids had a lot of more totally free time together there were no so many after school and weekend activities. Therefore, an ext evenings and also weekends were spent at home.

There was no social media or daytime tv to odor from chores. The radio was frequently the only type of entertainment for the 1950 housewife.

Fires had to it is in prepared prior to anyone gained up. The 1950s housewife regimen didn’t start until the embers from last nights fire to be cleaned out and a new fire was closely lit. This was an essential and time-consuming task in the 50’s housewife everyday schedule.

Everyone ate with each other at the table at the exact same time every night. As such there was only one dinner come cook and one many dishes come wash.

The beforehand bird records the worm.

The an initial thing i noticed indigenous the 1950’s housewife schedule, was that she got up prior to everybody else, acquired dressed, washed, and got herself ready. This is something I struggle with in ours house since my son is such a irradiate sleeper and as quickly as a floorboard creaks in our home he is up! However, on the weird occasion, i have managed to acquire up before him, it made a substantial difference to it is in ready and dressed to mine shoes v my hair and also makeup done, rather than hurriedly make the efforts to get ready when the kids are currently up.


Eating breakfast like a 50’s housewife

The second thing i noticed, was the in the 1950s housewife schedule she ate breakfast with her kids. Now, ns am constantly rushing in the mornings and also never have breakfast through my kids, for this reason I finish up eating mid-morning with a coffee, yet often this prompts me to check my emails and start procrastinating and I realized that this deserve to be the begin of mine time-wasting. So, I determined to try getting up earlier than the family and hav breakfast through the kids.

This was rather frankly the least most be safe breakfast I’d ever had, however I did acquire extra time during my morning as I didn’t linger end a mid-morning breakfast! So eating breakfast v my children turned out to it is in a time saver and it is one thing from the 1950’s housewife routine that i will continue to do!

Housewife’s extra time

The following thing that struck me, was the both my children have school dinners, so, I have actually a entirety hour mid-day the the 50’s housewife didn’t get! sometimes I to fill this time by make the night meals. I say meals because we have two meat eaters and two vegetarians in our residence so this often involves making two different meals together my spouse will not eat meat substitute.

It’s simpler for me come prepare the evening meal at midday because most of my evenings room taken up running the youngsters to sports or playdates and also I like to offer my kids a healthy and balanced homecooked enjoy the meal whenever time allows. For the work that i am working, ns defrost a enjoy the meal which I’ve formerly batch cooked and frozen. The mean 1950s housewife did not have the deluxe of having a freezer, so ns feel grateful that I have one stocked full of convenient food to eat in a hurry. Come learn just how to batch chef all your meals for a week read this post!

Afternoons in the 50’s housewife everyday schedule

What I additionally noticed indigenous the 1950’s housework schedule is that there was part afternoon baking involved. Count me out; I hate baking! I’m no good at it, and also generally, discover it a good big faff for minimal reward, and also as because that the clean up afterwards its all too much. So ns cheated and also stuck to ironing a huge pile of mine spouse’s shirts for work, and all the children clobber so i didn’t end up obtaining behind. I’ll leaving the baking to the 1950’s housewife!

Free Time because that the 1950s housewife

So now, we acquire to the 1950s housewife’s totally free time, which she was expected to use to execute the gardening or sewing. Ns couldn’t work-related out whether this 50s housewife took pleasure in doing the gardening or sewing together a hobby. However, ns gritted mine teeth and also went the end to tidy increase the garden. It was January, and it to be freezing. However, it was worth it due to the fact that we are selling the house, so it was an excellent to straighten things up, put the kid’s toys away and also sweep the paths, so probably I may select to carry out this a couple of times a week.

Food shopping for the 1950s housewife

I commonly leave the house at roughly 2.30 to pick up the youngsters from school, and also I determined to speak to in in ~ the shops to obtain the ingredients tomorrow’s tea. This part of the 1950s housewife routine is no going to work for me as I favor to to buy meat in bulk and freeze it for convenience throughout the week, and also I find I spend much less money this way. Ns will continue to carry out as ns usually perform in my everyday schedule and also use this time to carry out chores such together nip to the post office etc.

Evenings for the 1950’s housewife

In the evenings that we had no after-school sports to walk to i did follow the 1950s housework schedule. The evening meal was currently prepared, therefore it offered me more time to spend with the kids, clear away the dinner dishes and get the institution stuff prepared for tomorrow.

I didn’t sit under to listen to the news, however I walk sit down for a 15-minute coffee rest which was nice. However, I probably won’t it is in doing the every night because it calculation me virtually impossible to get earlier up again!

After getting one boy to bed, ns tried to obtain some complimentary time at 7.30 but with one boy still up till 9.00, this was virtually impossible.

9 pm was at some point time to relax, and also this was invested listening to the Archers podcast.

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I didn’t do a snack at 9.45 due to the fact that my spouse had actually just eaten, so I cleared up the dishes and laid the table for breakfast.

Bedtime on the 50’s housewife schedule

I visited bed in ~ 10.15 and also enjoyed going come bed practically an hour earlier than usual. Back this did average that ns spent less time through my husband in the evening, however, he to be happy to have control of the remote and watch the golf in peace, for this reason I might schedule a couple of early nights right into my brand-new weekly routine!

Overview of the 1950s housewife schedule

This is no the perfect housewife clean schedule for today, but there space some means I might tweak my own day-to-day schedule to do my life slightly easier and also to run an ext smoothly. Currently I’m seeing part benefits native the changes I’ve implemented from the 1950s housewife daily schedule, but with after-school tasks and working, it’s only useful to carry out the other transforms on mine days off. I have enjoyed and benefited from more structure and less procrastination to my day! I also enjoyed not having actually any modern technology or TV as this helped me to do much less procrastinating too!

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What is better, to it is in a housewife or a working woman?

This is one of those questions that will have actually a various answer from every person. I have worked full time and also part-time as a mum, and also I have the right to tell you it’s tough and really stressful trying come keep everything running efficiently when you’re a working mum. Staying on top of a daily housework schedule becomes even much more of a battle if you have a partner who works long hours and also weekends or if you room a single mum. i love gift at home, it’s the finest place in the human being for me and I reap every 2nd of gift in the house. However, I likewise love mine job, therefore I’m not going to be providing it up anytime soon!

What carry out housewives carry out all day?

This relies on the housewife and how motivated she is! when you room a mother with small children at house virtually every one of your time is consumed by the need of your son /children and also it’s difficult to gain stuff done approximately the house unless your youngsters are sleeping. Parental today space much an ext hands-on through their children and also spend much much more quality time to chat their children than they ever did year ago. As kids get older and also go to school, there is an ext time to spend at work. You’ll notice from the 1950s housewife schedule the there is always plenty of tasks to do approximately the home.

What is perfect daily routine?

To begin organizing housework and to follow my day-to-day routines you can start here, ns have developed a perform of work which you perform each job to save your residence clean and also organized, and also then a perform of weekly chores which are done once a week. Or you can always try the 1950s housewife schedule if you space at home all day!