I simply started in ~ a grocery keep this week, and on my last change they placed me in ~ the front end with no prior instructions on just how to bag groceries. The went terribly and my super stepped in and also started bagging them because that me due to the fact that it to be so difficult to watch. Carry out you guys have any kind of tips? i don't desire to look favor a moron on my following shift. Cheers!


Soft item go with each other, dual bag hefty items if needed(esp if the person is older), meat goes into a seperate bag(some locations I shop at use one bag come "wrap" the meat and also then they placed it in another bag, if your store offers these...use a small file bag or paper to cushion jars/wine bottles. Simply think of exactly how you bag her groceries or how civilization at other stores execute yours.

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This is terrific advice. Additionally, if the human is to buy a cold soda from a cooler, gum, mints, or a single greeting card, I’d asking if they want the items left the end or bagged. I additionally always tell them which bag the eggs space in as I hand it to them, and never ever before place noþeles on height of a bread item!

Was a bagger/cashier in one more life.

In enhancement to what others have actually said...(Note that few of these room to keep customers from freaking out, rather than actual reason or logic):

Above all else: You'll learn. Better to start out slow than to ruin something. Just take these one in ~ a time. In general:

- heavy stuff top top the bottom the the bag/cart, lighter stuff up top/in the boy seat area. Customers who actually arrange your items top top the conveyor belt this means are a rarely sight; treasure castle :)

- egg by us in a bag uneven they speak it's yes to include something rather -- in which case, exceptionally light things that can't probably crack castle such together those tiny packets that Kool-Aid space OK. It is in paranoid on this front.

- Bread and also other soft/delicate items (such as light bulbs) together, and don't overstuff the bag. Soft/sliced breads walk on top. Bananas and also many other create items are simple to bruise (e.g. Honeycrisp apples will bruise if friend so much as look at them funny), so bag by themselves if need be and make certain they're in a safe place on the bagging station and in the cart. Exception: If they obtain a boule (big, round, often unsliced loaf, e.g. Sourdough) that bread and a bag that sliced bread, the sliced one go on top or just bag lock separately.

- Flowers and also live plants by themselves; bouquets in details often contain water, for this reason take treatment not to invert them.

- Seconded ~ above the "wrap the life meats" thing. Pave glass, too. If it's heavy and also glass (e.g. A jug that wine), questioning if the customer desires it bagged and/or *gently* placed ago into the cart.

- Cold stuff with other cold ingredient (especially ice cream cream). Deli meats, cheeses,

- Cans with each other to an extent. If you're not sure just how much they have the right to lift, ask. Double-bag if you're pour it until it is full the bag more than around halfway, together plastic grocery bags room notoriously cheap and also fragile. Setup ahead -- double the bags before including anything.

- Boxed items together.

- Multi-packs of drinks: If it's in cardboard (beer) or covering in special plastic (water), just put that right back in the cart uneven the custy says otherwise. Exact same with huge packs of record products the won't to the right in a bag anyway. As always, indulge the custy if lock say come bag it anyway. Smaller packs - asking if they'd choose them bagged.

- Single, cold drinks: most people plan to drink these on the method back, so set it on that small shelf alongside the credit card scanner, or just ask. If it's currently open, assume they don't desire it bagged.

- anything hot/fresh from the deli: do not turn/invert, as it's likely to have actually sauce/gravy/drippings that can spill out.

- toxic chemicals such together bleach, soaps, detergent: Never, ever, ever before put those in a bag with food of any type of kind unless requested. Even then, sell to pave the toxic stuff (because there's always a slight possibility that they can leak).

- once in doubt, ask. In times as soon as there room no customers in the line, questioning the cashiers for their recommendations and what your store's customers expect.

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- resist the urge to comment on purchases girlfriend perceive as odd. This is most likely to be an problem at vacation times (I retained track one XMAS night workday -- as I recall, the list included a number of small fir trees, one ungodly number of turduckhens (both raw and cooked ones), wine+cheese+tenderloin gift baskets, and one or two entirety roast pigs, finish with an apple in the mouth, directly from the kitchen and still steaming).