Want to stop nicks, razor burn and skin irritation as soon as shaving her legs? We’ve placed together simple shaving advice to keep in mind. Despite knowing exactly how to cut your legs may seem quite straightforward, over there are an essential steps to take to minimize chances of skin irritation. Right here are an easy tips to save in mind.

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If your razor blade pulls at her body hair or feels rough on her skin if shaving, that time because that a replacement. Making use of a dull tongue to shave boosts chances of obtaining nicked, razor burn and irritation.


If her legs are not well-hydrated the hair will certainly be more difficult to cut, increasing chances the irritating her skin, nicks and razor burn. Shaving dry hair may also dull down your blade faster.


After soaking, lather shaving gel and also smooth evenly over your legs. Using shave gel maintains moisture and also helps the razor tongue glide more easily across your skin. You also see wherein you still must shave for this reason you have the right to avoid having to re-shave over any areas.


You execute not need to press difficult on your razor as soon as shaving as lengthy your blade is clean and sharp. Cut in long, stable strokes.

Shave carefully around bonier areas, such together ankles and knees, to protect against accidently obtaining nicked. And when shaving your knees, shot bending your leg to far better shave the front of her knee cap, and also then straighten your leg when shaving behind.

Stop and also rinse off your razor tongue after every hit to wash away shave gel residue and also body hair. And, take your time to protect against nicks and also cuts.


When satisfied v your shave, wash off your legs, pat her skin dry v a towel and apply a moisturizing lotion or oil. This will help prevent skin wake up post-shave and also keep her legs hydrated.

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