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There"s nothing quite as amazing as breaking out new shoes — the is until you discover the shoes space breaking you instead. Over there are many reasons why friend may finish up with blisters native those heeled sandals or also functional flats, but there are likewise ways to prevent trouble before it starts.

From a style guru to the podiatrist the the U.S. Men"s and also women"s nationwide soccer teams, professionals offer your tricks of the trade below.

An ounce of prevention...

Proper skin care and also shoe choice are critical in handling blisters prior to they start, claims Dr. Ken Jung, a foot and ankle operated doctor in Los Angeles. For starters, keep your skin soft and supple. If you might think thickened calluses are protecting your feet, castle are an ext prone to creating an basic ulceration or blister, stated Jung. When it involves finding suitable shoes, stop straps that operation over bony areas and look because that soft products that give method to the contours of the foot.

Then, after ~ buying the appropriate shoes, break them in! Be sure to wear new shoes roughly your house for a couple of hours before stepping outside, claimed Claire Hannum, health and also wellness experienced for YouBeauty.com. This helps break in the shoe, and likewise points the end which areas are uncomfortable or painful.


"If you already feel a little of pain in, say, her heel or your huge toe while you"re put on the shoes at home, prepare by placing a blister-fighting product (like a Band-Aid or dollop that Vaseline in a pinch) ~ above the area you intend to be irritated prior to blisters also have a opportunity to appear,” claimed Hannum. “I"m a huge fan of human body Glide"s Anti Blister Balm, which reduces friction in between your shoe and also your skin. Another good option space Foot Petals, a repertoire of inserts because that every form of shoe the end there ... If you love wearing ballet flats, pick up a pair that no-show liner socks, especially those v grips that avoid sliding. This keeps your feet sweat- and friction-free, which way no blisters!” she said.

Hannum claims the most important factor of all is to understand your feet. “If a particular heel height makes you cringe in ache or you have vast feet that suffer in tight sandals, store that in mind as you shop due to the fact that it will absolutely contribute to blisters," she suggested.

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The summer can be specifically tricky due to the fact that flip-flops are frequently the quickest to cause blisters. Instead, look because that sandals with arch support due to the fact that they are far better for the as whole health of her foot.

"It"s additionally important to it is in as ethical with ourselves as feasible when we shop,” stated Hannum. "When we spot a pair of shoes us adore, it"s difficult to to convince ourselves to revolve them down even if they"re a bit too tight. The reality is that the slight uncomfortable you feel in the keep will morph into full-on pain and blisters after simply a small amount the wear and also you"ll quickly wish you never bought them. It"s tough, but try to put them ago on the shelf!"