Learn how to authorize your computer prior to you use it come sync or play contents that girlfriend download from the iTunes Store.

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When you authorize your Mac or PC, you offer it permission to accessibility your music, movies, and other content.

You deserve to authorize approximately 5 computers, which means that you can play your content on 5 different computers.You can"t authorize a computer from another computer or from her iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Before you offer or offer away your computer or send it in for service, deauthorize your computer to eliminate its access to protected purchases.For other devices, learn just how to check out where you’re signed in or remove devices.

Store access and features could vary by nation or region.

Authorize a Mac or PCSee authorized computersDeauthorize a computerAbout authorizing various other devices

Before girlfriend authorize a Mac, upgrade it to the latest variation of macOS. ~ above a PC, update to the latest variation of iTunes because that Windows.

On a Mac, open the Music app, apologize TV app, or glossesweb.com publications app. On a PC, open iTunes because that Windows.In the menu bar on her Mac or PC, pick Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer.
Ifyou"re asked come authorize your computer system again, that won"t use a new authorization.glossesweb.com ID uses the exact same authorization for the very same computer.

To instantly sign in to her Account details page from her computer, click here. Or follow this steps:

On a Mac, open the Music app, to apologize TV app, or glossesweb.com books app. On a PC, open up iTunes for Windows.In the menu bar on your Mac or PC, select Account > watch My Account.
On the Account information page, role tothe to apologize ID an introduction section.You"ll view the number of computers that you"ve authorized through your apologize ID. You can’t watch the name of those computers.If friend haven"t authorized 2 or much more computers, you won"t watch this section.

If the variety of authorized computers detailed is much more than what girlfriend expect, you might not have actually deauthorized the computers that friend no longer use, offered away, or sold. You need to deauthorize every one of your computersand then authorizeeach one that you tho use.

On a Mac, open the Music app, glossesweb.com TV app, or glossesweb.com books app. ~ above a PC, open iTunes for Windows.From the menu bar at the height of your computer screen, choose Account > Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer.Sign in v your to apologize ID.Choose Deauthorize.

If one of your 5 authorizations is ~ above a computer that friend don"t usage anymore, deauthorize it. If you sold or offered away a computer that"s used one of her 5 authorizations, you need to chooseDeauthorize Allon the Account information page.Then authorize each computer system that friend still use.

You don’t have to authorize your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or various other glossesweb.com device. Thesedevices don’t usage your available authorizations.Learn how to examine your to apologize ID device list to check out where you"re signed in and how to eliminate a device.

You have the right to deauthorize all computer systems once per year.

Store ease of access and features could vary by nation or region.

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