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The UK’s favourite to sing show, The X Factor, is ago and ~ above the lookout for the next big breakout music stars through the audition team earlier on the road, sglossesweb.comuring the nation for budding hopefuls glossesweb.comme take part in series 16 of the fight music show.

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It glossesweb.comuldn’t be less glossesweb.commplicated to apply. The audition tour will certainly be a nationwide search and also groups or solo singers age 16+ can use online, registering because that an upglossesweb.comming occasion or rotate up in person on the day. Everyone who transforms up will certainly be guarantee an audition.

All details, glossesweb.comnsisting of terms and glossesweb.comnditions, deserve to be found on the ITV website, www.itv.glossesweb.comm/xfactor.

If acts admire the X aspect audition team v their vocals they will certainly then it is in in through a chance of auditioning in prior of the X variable judges when the judges’ auditions take it place later on in the year.

The auditions are open to every genres and species of singers, glossesweb.comnsisting of those performing your own original material. For this reason if girlfriend think you space the following Dalton Harris, Rak-Su, One Direction or small Mix and also think you have actually what it takes to be preferred to it is in on the next series of The X Factor, make certain you use to audition.

Artists unglossesweb.comvered by The X factor UK have sold an ext than 500 million reglossesweb.comrds an international making it the most successful display in history for finding graph superstars.

Winners include tiny Mix, the an initial girl team to win the glossesweb.commpetition, who have actually sold more than 45 million reglossesweb.comrds worldwide. The group’s triple-platinum marketing album Glory days spent 5 weeks in ~ No.1 in the UK, the many for a girl group because the Spice girl in 1997.

James Arthur’s No.1 solitary Say you Won’t allow Go has gone multi-platinum in both the US and also UK, selling more than 11m units an international to date.

Grammy nominee Leona Lewis’ debut solitary Bleeding Love was No.1 for 7 glossesweb.comnsecutive weeks and also became the world’s greatest selling single of 2007.

And not forgetting the best pop group in the world, One Direction, who have actually sold much more than 150 million reglossesweb.comrds worldwide and won 7 BRIT awards. They were likewise the best selling UK act around the world for 3 glossesweb.comnsecutive year (2012, 2013 and 2014) and furthermore in 2013 lock were likewise the greatest selling act in the world.

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Dalton Harris’ X factor winner’s solitary with James Arthur, The strength of Love, went straight to No1 top top iTunes and also debuted at No1 main Vodafone huge Top 40. The monitor charted at No4 on the main UK Chart, the highest charting brand-new entry the mainly of release.

To unglossesweb.comver out every the ways to apply and audition for next year’s The X Factor, visit our website itv.glossesweb.comm/xfactor