This short article will comment on a range of choices to drilling for effectively attaching items of varying weights, shapes, sizes, and also compositions to concrete in a couple of common ways. A couple of methods will certainly probably involved mind for any kind of person who has hanged a picture, prefer using a hard wall hanger or adhesive wall surface hooks. However, there room also much more powerful choices for details home projects choose attaching a wall frame to concrete walls, structure a new deck, etc.

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Here you will certainly be listed different approaches to attach wood come concrete there is no drilling come execute for her home advancement project. Regrettably for countless DIYers, utilizing these techniques is quite daunting and virtually impossible but when equipped with the correct tools they can much more easily finish the task at hand.


It is not straightforward to job-related with the like other materials due to the fact that it is heavy, dense, and solid, for this reason you need to try a certain method to connect wood come it. Together drilling is the most typical option that comes to mind yet there are a few tried and tested techniques for attaching lumber to concrete, relying on its size, shape, and also weight if you effort to attach.

Things you will certainly need:

These space the things that you need for this project:

MaskCaulk gunGlovesEpoxy glue systemsClothGlue ApplicatorConcrete screwsNailsHammer drillAnchorsMasonry drill bitConstruction adhesive

Attachments and Concrete Types

There are various variations that concrete that influence the mechanism needed to hang an attachment. Because that example, ultra-lightweight concrete is soft enough to journey nails into it whereas regular concrete calls for some device for attachment of lumber to it.

Attaching wood with epoxy

A common method to secure wooden items to concrete without drill is by utilizing epoxy glue systems. This adhesive is specifically made for this problems.

Before opting because that this method, you should thoroughly clean off and also dry the hardwood for them come bond correctly. Make sure that the dust, grease, and also dirt indigenous the surfaces are removed. The is occasionally solid in applicator firearms that have actually syringes on the ends.

You require to reduced the syringe end to the same thickness the you desire because that the bead stream. Climate tilt that upward and push out the air from chambers. Friend can apply the adhesive in thin, upright stripes to the locations you have to glue together. Collection your wood and also concrete surface on a flat surface and also apply the epoxy. Then push them together tightly and wipe away the excess glue through a piece of cloth, or in instance it hardens use a putty knife to chip that off.

The curing time because that this is 72 hours however you should examine the manufacturer"s instructions to be on the safe side, and also after applications use, something come brace the hardwood tightly in location until sufficient time has actually passed because that the glue to dry.

Hardware Hangers

This is another method, together a simple hardware hanger will have actually multiple pins developed into the plastic hook that you can drive into the walls. This usually room intended for wood or drywall yet some are enough to hammer drill right into a pitted concrete wall. Many are no well-suited to anything end 20 pounds, though.

Masonry Nails

These are made the steel the you hammer drill right into the concrete. They space quick and also easy come do, permitting you to hang images without any mess, return some world think the it as a sloppy fix. However, the object the you space hanging will typically obscure the nail from the view, therefore this is no a far-ranging concern for countless people. They room usually used to fasten timber furring strips or floor panels come concrete. Castle are mainly used come fasten lumber furring strips on floor panels. Lock come in miscellaneous shapes however the most common ones are the wedge-shaped ones. It have the right to support around things of 20 pounds.


Molding the concrete to expropriate the wooden attachment 

By molding the concrete into certain shapes to accommodate attachments, friend can create a lot firmer hold. The advantage of this is that it can be done using a frame or shuttering.

Shuttering is make of wooden boards bolted together to form a mold. Before pouring concrete into the mold rebar is added as a reinforcement.

Soft-Medal Shields

This is among the oldest and most reliable concrete fasteners available. It is a little more than a ribbed, slightly tampered hollow steel sleeve the fits right into a hole. The shield is make of soft, nearly lead-like material that accepts a sheet-metal screw.

You must clean all the dust prior to hammering the shield.

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Bottom Line

Concrete is not among the easiest materials to work-related with specifically if you are trying to construct a framework or miscellaneous that entails the use of it is registered concrete to lumber part. Fortunately, the above-mentioned method makes the procedure of attaching timber to concrete without drilling more easy job that have the right to be effective multiple times.

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