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Dropbox is an online, personal cloud storage organization that enables you come store and share files, including documents and also photos. Dropbox also has a Gmail add-on that makes the entire process of saving and also sharing papers through email lot faster and also simpler by offering you accessibility to her Dropbox files right from her Gmail inbox. Friend can likewise quickly save attachments directly to Dropbox, without switching home windows or apps.

making use of the Dropbox Gmail Add-On

The significant advantage of sharing documents through Dropbox, quite than Google Docs, is that through Dropbox you room sharing a link, quite than adding the attachment. Eliminating attachments saves valuable an are in your Google account.

You can use the Dropbox Gmail add-on even if it is you're functioning on a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating system. You can also accessibility the Dropbox Gmail add-on within the Gmail app on both Android and also iOS devices. 

just how to enable the Dropbox because that Gmail Add-On

Here's exactly how to acquire started. We'll begin by activating the Dropbox because that Gmail Add-on.

While on your computer, open Gmail, click + on the best sidebar, located halfway down the screen within her inbox. Click Get Add-ons.


Once your records are saved, you have the right to locate them by opened yourDropbox accountin your browser. From there, you can move, share, delete and manage your files, and additionally check her storage limits, which we will talk about later.

Sharing documents Through Dropbox through the Gmail Add-On

You can additionally share documents from your Dropbox account as soon as composing a Gmail message.

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From your Gmail account inbox, click Compose in the optimal left side of the page to begin writing your email.