Notice to all new readers: Girls, start with His an enig Obsession

Guys, you require The Obsession Method. Great luck :-)

First date went well, you interested and you *think* she (or he) is interested, but you’re not sure. How have the right to you obtain that 2nd date to seal the transaction without risking rejection?

Let’s begin!


Second dates don"t need to be boring!

1. Who should Ask for A 2nd Date

Anybody can ask for a 2nd date, guy or girl. No must overthink it. If you want a second date, ask for it. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, continue reading and you’ll find an ext subtle means to ask because that a 2nd date.

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2. Just how Long perform You Wait come Ask because that A 2nd Date

Everybody wants to recognize “how soon need to I ask for a second date?” and the answer is: As soon as possible! But much more practically:

The much longer you wait, the much longer your day will forget around you and also all the fun you had actually on your first date.


A quiet restaurant like this would certainly be a perfect venue because that introverts

Advanced date Advice:

Be extra clever by questioning yourself the adhering to question:

“Is he/she an introvert or an extrovert?”

What distinction does that make? Well…

If she an introvert, inviting her to go to the club or a music concert together a second date is a bad idea and she’ll probably turn girlfriend down.
If she’s an extrovert, asking her to walk to the regional library or the park with each other as a 2nd date is likewise a negative idea and also she’ll most likely turn you down.
Bottom line: Not knowing what you want for a 2nd date or having actually bad second date principles can significantly lower your possibilities of gaining one.

4. Ask for The 2nd Date on The very first Date

This is the technique I recommend because that beginners, for this reason let’s take our time with this one:

Why execute some very first dates finish badly? There space 3 main point reasons:

If it ain’t broke don’t settle it: you’re having actually a great an initial date, why finish it now?You nothing know just how to finish the date without seeming awkward.Sunk expense fallacy: I’ve invested so much effort into acquiring this date and also I’m paying for it too! Why would certainly I end it now? I want my money’s worth.

These three factors boil under to one: friend don"t want to finish the day on a high note, so girlfriend let it drag on until you’re both exhausted and also dying to leave.

However, yes sir a solution: gracefully finish the an initial date by questioning for a second!


I’ve never talked to anyone who’s done before. Ns loved hearing your stories, it sounds super cool. I gained friends I got to fulfill up with, Daniella, Ava, before they leave, so i gotta go. However what around tomorrow? You pointed out you’re open up at lunchtime, so how’s about a picnic at Angrignon Park, near the metro station?Let’s rest it down:

Talk about why you want a 2nd date: I’ve never talked to anyone who’s done before. I loved hearing your stories, it sounds super cool.Give a reason, no a needy excuse, as to why you require to end the date: I acquired friends I acquired to meet up with, Daniella, Ava, before they leave, so ns gotta go. (Preselection 101)Close strongly and also do no leave room for the date to traction on: so ns gotta go. (It’s constantly the opening and closing the conversations that require reinforcement)During the very first date, you’ve secretly learnt around his/her schedule, so now’s the time to bring up the reality that she has free time: You pointed out you’re open at lunchtimeOffer a clear 2nd date idea: so how’s about a picnic at Angrignon Park, near the metro station?

To summarize, the 2 benefits of this approach are: A) Ends very first dates gracefully B) You setup the 2nd date in person, therefore the possibilities of molting are lot lower.

5. Suggest A 2nd Date

You imply a 2nd date instead of questioning for it.

Here’s an example:

Asking: “You"re the cutest girl, would certainly you favor to accomplish up Friday night at Connaught Bar?”Suggesting: “You’re the cutest girl, let’s fulfill up Friday night in ~ Connaught Bar.”

You aren’t waiting for she approval or questioning for anything, you’re just going for it by saying a fun location to visit.

Here’s a 2nd example:

Asking: “I love security time v you, you recognize what? because we both love painting, would certainly you be OK with exploring the art museum Saturday night?”Suggesting: “I love security time with you, you know what? because we both love painting, stop go check out the arts museum Saturday night.”

You room telling her how much you enjoyed your first date, developing what you have actually in common and also how much more fun you will have actually together. <5, 6>

Who would certainly say no come an offer like that?


6. Suggest A group Date

If girlfriend both recognize a couple, suggest that you go on a group day together, as your 2nd date.

7. The Continued assist Method

This an approach only functions in one scenario: together a an initial date, you’re spending time in ~ your location fixing or working on something together, because that example:

Fixing a auto together (you carry out the key work, if she hands you the tools and replacement parts)Building random stuff the end of scrap metalWoodworking

At this point, you deserve to simply mention that you’ll need to accomplish up again to finish the project and also bang! You gained a 2nd date.

8. Use Humor To obtain A 2nd Date

I’m an mean looking guy, yet ns can’t even tell you how many girls have actually admitted that my feeling of feeling is what obtained them into bed. For this reason here’s exactly how to use humor to gain that 2nd date:

You likewise drink water!? Damn, we have too much in common, why don’t us just get married now? Oh’ OK, a 2nd date is sufficient for me!If friend look in ~ me prefer that again i’ll be forced to asking you the end for a second date!We have actually so many options for a 2nd date: we might practice jump rope, construct sand castles or pat in the mud. Friend choose!Well it’s getting, yet I’ll wait for you to confess her feelings ~ above the second dateI’m warning friend know, I’m around to do you miss out on a entirety bunch of college classes

You can learn a lot more about humor, teasing and also attraction is this guide: The Guide: 74 methods To tease A Girl <& learn Cock-Funny> |

9. The Makeout Method

You create a deep emotional connection during the first date v physical intimacy (i.e. Make out) and the second date will certainly automatically arrangement itself the end without any kind of effort or resistance.

10. Talk about What You’ll execute On Your 2nd Date

While you’re at the park (on your an initial date), plainly enjoying each other, merely start talking about what you’ll carry out on your 2nd date.


You’ve determined on going come the farmers market as your second date venue, so currently on your very first date, girlfriend talk about the farmers market and things you desire to execute there:

What form of enjoy the meal you want to cook together with the food friend buyWhat room your favourite fruits and vegetablesTalk around what you love about farmers markets’ (organic food, the lover energy, etc.)Funny story you’ve had at other farmers markets

Now the you recognize the concept, practice by using it to other second-date ideas: woodworking, walk karting, shooting range, etc. <3, 4>

11. Asking A man For A 2nd Date

Most of this short article has been focused on helping men gain a 2nd date, so here’s a ar for the ladies:

Get come the first date top top time to show him that you’re seriousDon’t be stuck on her phoneLet him talk around his hobbiesKiss on the very first date (no male will ever turn down a second date ~ a good kiss!)Let that feel choose a man, don’t start talking around all that your achievements (guys hate feeling less completed around girls)

At this point, most males will develop up sufficient courage to ask you the end for a 2nd date, yet if that doesn’t work-related - simply ask him the end yourself! <1, 2>

Optional step:

Watch The Infatuation script Presentation from which has actually been report to teach girls covert male attraction psychology and also offer lots of helpful dating strategies:

12. Ask because that Your 2nd Date without Sounding Desperate

There are number of rules you require to complying with in order to avoid showing up desperate:

1. Don’t make it favor a contract“This commitment was made as of the 12th of December, 2021, between and , of the City the Chicago. Whereas desires to attain a 2nd date indigenous , and desires to render such day on the terms and conditions collection forth. Signed below.”

Making everything so official by make him/her show up at exactly 9pm in ~ this-and-this restaurant is as well much! date is supposed to it is in fun, not some serious business interrogation.

2. Nearby the first date strongly

As mentioned, girlfriend let the very first date traction on, what does the say about you? Instead, confidently finish the day with a hug, eye contact, and also telling her why you desire to do it again.

3. Don’t sound choose a salesman

In the event that she’s no in the the atmosphere or she doesn’t even know if she wants to walk out through you again, don’t try to convince or offer her top top the idea of a second date. So either leaving her alone or ask when you see she’s in a much better mood.

4. Invite her into your fun life

You nothing desperately ask her to date you again so the you deserve to feel delight again, rather you invite her again to sign up with your currently fun life. Examples:

You’re a cool girl, I’ll be heading come the coast tomorrow, come if friend like!Free tickets to the NFL game on Monday, I recognize you can not resist!Crazy party at Daniella’s house tonight, comin?

You are currently going to the beach, game, party, etc. So girlfriend don’t require her to have fun, However, you’d substantially appreciate her agency and it is why you’re asking her the end again.

13. Asking For A second Date over Text

Before we get into the instance texts I have below, stop talk about the values which do them work:

Never wait 3 days to offer another date. The longer you wait, the more she’ll forget about you. A following day text is what i recommend.Reference what she stated on the very first date about her favorite day venues and also places she’s always wanted come visitSuggest a 2nd date, nothing ask because that it (discussed above)After sending your initial text, perform not text her noþeles else. Wait because that her response otherwise you danger seeming desperate.Be clear around what/where/when you desire the 2nd date to beInclude a compliment/flirting in ~ the request

Now for part texting examples:

Well after ~ spending hrs deliberating, I’ve chose to placed up v you for one more dateAfter wearing red hot lipstick favor that you leaving me v no choice by come ask you out againI’d it is in lying if I stated I didn’t choose your cute laugh, why don’t we fulfill up in ~ at