This is a inquiry that comes up frequently when talking to engaged couples. “How execute you ask because that cash rather of wedding gifts?” Or an ext accurately “How do you politely and also nicely ask because that money together a wedding gift?”.

So, let’s take it a look at the various ways you deserve to ask for cash in location of a wedding gift, answer all of your questions and find the method that works best for you and your guests!


Couples are constantly concerned the they don’t desire to appear grabby or ungrateful however the truth is that asking because that what friend really desire is the many thoughtful point you can do for your guests too!

It makes it so lot easier and also stress-free for friends to understand that lock are providing you something that is really wanted and also appreciated. Oh and giving a gift the money via Patchwork is friendly, joyful, personal and as one of our kind reviewers as soon as said “It was very easy, i was may be to perform it every without relocating from my chair”. What more could girlfriend want?


Isn’t questioning for cash as a wedding gift awkward?

Yes questioning for cold difficult cash for your wedding existing is awkward. Asking someone come hand end cash or deposit money in to your bank account is a little cringey and embarrassing.

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But v a Patchwork wedding it is registered you room not asking for money together your wedding gift. You space asking friends and family to make dreams come true – and also that is a totally different thing!

When girlfriend invite guests to help you to wake up on your honeymoon come an s view, or have actually alfresco lunch on a beautiful Greek island, or drink cocktails ~ above a rooftop, or hike in the mountains, or visit household in Australia – somehow it doesn’t sound prefer you’re asking for money.

You room asking for their aid to money experiences that typical the people to you. Experience that will certainly be treasured forever, and appreciated much more than noþeles else.


Already got too lot stuff so just want money?

These days, couples room rarely brief of “stuff”, and most would rather enjoy time with each other as a couple. So questioning friends and family for contributions towards a honeymoon money is quiet no.1 on many couples’ money wedding gift lists.

Even if you’ve payment for your honeymoon yourselves, you have the right to ask guests because that those treats the make it extra special. Because that example: countless cocktails, eating in the ideal restaurants, visit tours, hotel or trip upgrades, or simply a brand-new book to check out by the pool!

If travel isn’t a priority, numerous are conserving up because that one large item like a deposit top top their first home. Guests can chip in in the direction of a new front door, a job of garden, a window, or simply a brick or ten. Other famous wedding registry concepts are money in the direction of a residence renovation or garden project. Various other experience presents are a year full of fun date nights, or a nationwide Trust membership.

You can include absolutely noþeles to your Patchwork wedding gift list to make it completely yours and also really personal. Require someone come dog sit while you’re far on honeymoon? always wanted to shot a new hobby, or learn a new skill together a couple? Or possibly go earlier to that ar you first holidayed together?

The much more of yourselves, her plans and also your desires you deserve to inject in to your web page the much more your friends and also family will love visiting it, and feel really an excellent about gifting you generously!


If we’ve learned one point lately it’s the plans sometimes have to change! because Patchwork is the most flexible gift it is registered it doesn’t matter at every if her plans aren’t collection in stone. You have the right to even readjust your mind follow me the way.

A Patchwork wedding registry is a fully-functioning ‘mood board’ mirroring guests all the things you’d love castle to help fund. It can be a honeymoon, something for the home, charity contributions or a small bit that each. Every little thing on her patchwork represents an idea, a dream, or a goal.

Even if this ideas adjust at a later date, they will assist your guests connect with your future plans and feel happy about the presents they space giving. The truth is that you’ll collection all money direct, in come your financial institution account and you’ll have finish control over how, when and also where you’ll invest it.


Yes they can. If you simply want a transaction, and are happy come be rather frank and also explicit with bank details and so on, this deserve to work. However, that does deprive her guests the the fun and enjoyment the comes through gifting.

The happy and satisfied feeling that comes with discovering you room bringing pleasure to someone you care around is fully removed as soon as it’s a straightforward cash transaction. It deserve to feel prefer an emotionless donation that money, i beg your pardon whilst practical, no celebratory or personal. It also leaves the person sending the money totally clueless regarding how it will be spent, or what it will typical to you, and it provides it difficult for them to convey their great wishes together with their gift.

If you desire to go old-school you can leave a discreet money crate on a table in her venue and also hope the guests come prepared! You’re acquisition your opportunities a small here hope that world have accessibility to cash. Or they’ll must make the cheques out in the appropriate names (do people even usage cheques any more?!). You could possibly additionally spend a little bit of time worrying about money going absent or knowing who’s provided you what.

This is a traditional means of giving money wedding presents in countless cultures. However, cash is ending up being far much less used generally and also with security issues and also recent Covid involves it’s perhaps a less famous option today.

People often agonise about how come ask for money without offending anyone or seeming rude. A lot of the “money poems” out there that are designed to remove the embarrassment. But they actually develop it by drawing attention come the truth that you are indeed, questioning for money! If you start with.. “let’s acquire the awkward little out of the way” or “please nothing think we’re rude” you really offering the impression the there is something awkward or the you are being rude.

With a Patchwork it is registered this whole issue magically disappears. At no suggest are you having actually to to speak “we’re questioning for money” due to the fact that you’re type of not! You’re just showing your guests her joint dreams and also plans. You’re inviting them to contribute in a method that’s meaningful, personal and suited to every budget. It’s seamless, joyful, secure and also is without the teeniest bit of embarrassment or awkwardness!

As with many of our Patchwork couples, the vast bulk of people who space planning a wedding already live together and also have every the family members items castle need. In truth in many instances couples room blending with each other two homes so maybe have double the quantity they’ll ever before need!

Some couples have told us they aren’t setup up a registry since they don’t want any gifts at all. They climate come back to Patchwork 2 weeks prior to the wedding in a slight panic due to the fact that everyone is demanding to understand what castle can acquire them! Or worse, castle don’t set up a wedding gift list. This ends up v all kinds of random kitchenware and bedlinen to adjust that end up occupying cupboard and drawer room for years to come.

If there’s really nothing you will do love and you’d rather not receive any type of gifts in ~ all, how about accepting donations on behalf of a charity or voluntarily group? You have the right to collect money direct via your patchwork gift list and include patches for different charitable causes. And your friends and also family deserve to still leave lovely message of congratulations for you. Then once you’ve received all of your wedding cash contributions you have the right to send come the charities you have chosen and get a huge dose of feeling good!

In summary, asking for cash together a wedding gift is kinder to the earth (less waste). It’s more practical for her guests (no shopping stress) and an ext fun for you (honeymoon right here we come!) an ext than any kind of other chance in life – a wedding is a time once you really deserve to be honest about what girlfriend want. Gain showing everyone your plans, learning that castle really do want come treat you both to something special. So nothing be shy.. Have a play around with some of our honeymoon fund or wedding registry templates and also see which ones accumulate you!

It’s straightforward to re-publishing your page via a distinctive URL and then every you need to do is sit earlier and see the cash contributions and lovely message come roll in! All gifts are logged in your account and also you’ll have actually names and emails for every contributors. Once your wedding day is end you have the right to send thanks via her patchwork web page to everyone that chipped in – you can also send image of you on your honeymoon / in your new home / or on your friend-funded adventures.

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So join the 90,000 (and counting) happy Patchwork human being by starting your web page today! Questions? We’re actual people and also we’re here daily to assist at hello or end on our LiveChat.