You have actually done your research study on which country you desire to embrace from internationally and also decided the Japan meets whatever on your fostering list. But, you space unsure as to the exact procedure involved or how much it will cost.

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Japan is both a forward-thinking country but also closed turn off in a the majority of respects. International adoption from Japan can be difficult and litter you some frustrations through social and legal issues. In the 5 year from 2014 – 2018 an average of 19.2 kids were embraced from Japan come the U.S.:

Number that children embraced in Japan between 2014 and also 2018

2018 14

(Source: U.S. Department of State – bureau of Consular Affairs)

The two main authorities within Japan which decide whether to provide an fostering are the family Court and also the boy Guidance Centers. This both role at the prefectural level (think of a awareness in Japan together being comparable to a U.S. State).

So, how does one go about adopting your dream son from Japan? here is a quick breakdown of the process:

Choose an adoption service provider the is U.S. Accredited/approvedBe found an ideal and standard to embrace bu the USCISContact the Japanese authorities to embrace and have a boy matched to you.Adopt the son in JapanApply for the son to it is in classified as an orphan and eligible to immigrate come the us under the statusApply for an immigration visa for the adoptee.Bring the adoptee home.

So, that is the procedure in a nutshell. Let’s crack open the nut and also have a closer watch at every of these steps.

The Japanese fostering Process

Japan no averse to worldwide adoption. The difficulty lies in the reality that birth parents don’t want to give up their civil liberties over the child and also the skepticism of authorities to gain involved. However, the Japanese federal government has been looking at enhancing the number of special adoptions as a way to stem the raising tide of boy abuse cases.


As component of this review, a new law came into effect in April 2018, that looks at advancing special adoptions and additionally placing private adoption services under the microscope. This leads us to look in ~ the very first step in the adoption process: considering which fostering service to use.

1. Selecting a U.S. Authorized or accredited adoption service

The universal Accreditation act of 2012 says that together of 14 July 2014, there need to be a main provider because that every intercountry adoption (unless over there is an exception). The major provider is responsible for:

Ensuring the the complying with six services are met:Identifying a son for fostering and arranging one adoption;Securing the important consent to discontinuation of parental rights and also to adoption;Performing a background research on a son or a residence study ~ above a prospective adoptive parent(s), and reporting on such a study;Making non-judicial determinations that the best interests the a child and also the appropriateness of an adoptive placement because that the child;Monitoring a case after a child has actually been placed with prospective adoptive parent(s) until last adoption; orOverseeing supervised providers and being responsible for their conduct.The creation and also application of a business plan

If girlfriend need additional information around an adoption service provider you there are 5 centers in Japan the you deserve to contact.

2. It is in found suitable and eligible come adopt

In bespeak to be found suitable and standard to embrace a son from Japan, you need to meet the US and Japanese immigrant requirements. This demands to it is in done before you even start searching for a child to adopt. Imagine the heartache of recognize a son you want to adopt only to uncover that immigration legislation isn’t on your side!

So, to accomplish US immigration requirements, the is recommended that you record an applications for development Processing of one Orphan Petition v the USCIS. Additionally, friend can also submit the Petition to Classify Orphan together an immediate Relative form while sending out in the supporting files for your application.

Note that it is vital to have a house study done when you have been matched with a child. This home study must accomplish the needs as stipulated in the complying with Code that Regulations: 8 CFR 204.311 and 22 CFR part 96.47

3. Contact the Japanese authorities

Now the you have the basics met in ~ the US and have been authorized to be eligible to adopt, you require to obtain the approval the the authorities in Japan. For a boy to be adopted in Japan they need to meet the complying with requirements

Be legally recognised together an orphan under U.S. Law.Though there room no legal needs under Japanese regulation for a kid to be deemed an orphan, over there does need to be a relinquishing the the son by his or her organic parents.The adoptee needs to be aged 6-years old or younger. However, if the boy is under 8 year old and also has remained in the continued treatment of the adoptive parents due to the fact that the indigenous the age of 6-years old the adoption can still be approved.

Once you have actually been found eligible to adopt by both U.S. And also Japanese authorities, it’s time to finalize the process!

4. Adopt the child

In Japan, the family Court will certainly look in ~ your fostering application and make the decision of even if it is to give the fostering or not. Over there is no necessity for the prospective parental to show up before a judge and the administration of the application can be done in a clerk’s office.

The Court will think about the law regarding international adoption applicable come the specific state the the prospective parents reside in. There will certainly be one interview done with the adoptive parents and a residence study will certainly take location this is a trial duration conducted by the court to check the suitability that the parents and the home environment. The trial critical six-months and also then you will be educated of the first hearing date to consider your fostering application.

Within 2 or three weeks that the final hearing date, you will certainly be informed regarding whether the judge has actually approved your application. If you are successful the court will worry you a yoshi no kyoka (which is “Permission to Adopt”).

If over there is no objection from the biological parents within 2 weeks of the adoption registration (which will certainly be done at the regional ward office) climate the process is taken into consideration to be finalized.

5. Use for the boy to be classified as an orphan and eligible come immigrate come the united state under the status

If friend haven’t currently submitted the Petition come Classify Orphan as an immediate Relative kind at the start of your adoption process, then currently is the time to perform it. Her adoptee must meet the U.S. Demands of an orphan in order to relocate there.

When submitting this form you will certainly be forced to provide the surname of your major provider and you may be inquiry to it is provided the call details that the provider. This is part of the adjudicating process regarding her adoption. To examine the orphan standing of your son either the USCIS or the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo will complete a “Determination on kid for Adoption” form.


The determining of the orphan status of her child have the right to take several months so it is urged the you stay patient while awaiting the results.

6. Use for an immigration visa because that the adoptee.

Everything has been approved and also your child has been legitimate recognised as an orphan. Anyone is excited and you are all around to storage the arrival of your child. But prior to you celebrate, there is one final step come go.

You need to acquire an immigrant visa for her child. Just how does one go about getting that?

The first step is to use for a family members registry for your child, which is a Japanese bear certificate. As soon as you get this, her name will be included to the new birth certificate. Climate you have actually to acquire a passport for your adoptee.

Then you require to use for a united state immigration visa through the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. You will certainly be forced to submit the medical records the the child, Also, girlfriend will have to attend an immigration interview. Before the interview, friend will need to submit an Electronic Immigrant Visa Application kind through the Consular electronic Application facility (note you will certainly be asked because that a situation number, please call the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo if you are unsure around your situation number).

If friend have any kind of questions around the digital Immigrant Visa applications form, you have the right to visit the FAQs.

Note, that it may not be feasible to give the visa to the adoptive parents on the day of the interview, therefore ask about the processing times when attending the interview.

7. Bring the kid home.

Everything has actually been signed off, you have the immigration status of your son approved and also a passport issued for them. Now, the time to truly celebrate!

The son is coming residence to her place and his/her new country. Make sure that there is plenty of love and support for the child. Allow them to clear up in and acclimatise come the new environment.


So, now what happens?

The Post-Adoption Process

After the fostering has to be approved and everything is settled, the adoptive parents must make sure that the children name has actually been gotten rid of from the biological mother’s household registry. A brand-new registry will be set up with the surname of the adoptive parents and the child.

Even despite the child is legally recognised as an orphan through U.S. Law, and considered to take it on the nationality of an American, they space still thought about as a Japanese citizen as result of Japanese law recognising that the kid didn’t select to provide up his or she Japanese citizenship.

If you feel the you require support and help, seek out fostering support groups that will give you the assistance and guidance that you need. You have the right to ask your main provider for information on support teams or you can jump online and find castle yourself. Below is a pair to get you started:

Adoptive family Circles

International Social organization Japan

Never are afraid asking for help.

The expense of Adopting from Japan

Now you recognize the process of just how to adopt a child from Japan, exactly how much will it actually expense you?

For intercountry adoptions native Japan, you deserve to expect to salary anywhere between $US20,000 (which is the typical cost) to $US50,000 (or more). This has the costs incurred v the Japanese family members Court, fostering service provider fees, administration fees and also translation services.


Note, the the price is dependent on the organization provider you use. However, Japanese law forbids fostering agency from getting a benefit from adoptions. Adoption service suppliers cannot ask for donations, and if they do you deserve to report them to the authorities. Depending upon the wellness of her child, friend could also be met with medical costs connected with the child.

Also, if you have to travel come Japan, you require to permit for the expense of travelling and also staying in Japan.

Ask for an itemized perform of all expenses incurred in the process. If there is other in the costings that may worry you, or you doubt it has actually violated U.S. Or Japanese law, then inform the proper authorities. The last thing you desire is for it to show up as despite you room buying the child.

The timeframe the the process

You are anxious to acquire your child home as quickly as possible. That’s understandable. Yet, just how long will certainly it take before you can have your boy come home?

With intercountry adoptions from Japan, you have the right to expect the process to take it anywhere between 6 – 18 months. The household Court will think about the laws in your house state and try to adhere to those laws, however the court does not collection a time border on just how long the procedure will take.

Remember, love is patient!

How to make a complaint

If friend feel the there has been something inappropriate occur throughout your procedure (such together misrepresentation, fraud or misconduct) you deserve to make a officially complaint v the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. Don’t think that the complaint will fall on hearing deactivated ears. The U.S. State Department will investigate her case.

Remember that part of the adoption procedure is to use U.S. Accredited/approved adoption service providers. If girlfriend feel that your company provider has actually been acting unethically, fraudulently or hurt the U.S. Accreditation standards, you have the right to submit a complaint via the Hague complaint Registry. The very first step, though, is to do a written complaint directly to the business provider.

What is the difference in between “regular” and also “special” adoptions in Japan?

Within Japan, there room two varieties of adoptions: regular and also special. Under continuous adoptions, any type of ties to biological or adoptive parents aren’t cut off. Therein lies the problem when it comes to trying to embrace a son under a continuous adoption: the biological parents still keep legal rights over the child.

Even if the child eliminated from the parent(s) and placed in an institution, the parental still have the final say in what the child can and also can’t do. V regard come adoption, the organic parents, or any other legit guardian, to offer their final approval to adopt the child. As such unwillingness to sever ties v the birth parent(s), regular adoptions could be ineligible for U.S. Immigrant visas.

In stimulate to boost the adoption rate and assist children find far better homes, the Japanese government introduced “special” adoptions in 1988. There was likewise a brand-new law presented in April 2018 that intends at elevating the level of distinct adoptions. The original regulation was brought in come align Japan with international fostering standards and also provide much more protection for children under 6 years old.

“Special” adoptions look for to cut all ties with the biological and also previous adoptive parents, which clears the hurdles connected with parents who stubbornly refused to relinquish their rights over the child. There room stipulations though as soon as it concerns “special” adoptions:

The child need to be under the age of six at the moment the adoption petition is filed OR under the period of eight and must have actually been inserted under the continuous care and also custody the the prospective adoptive parents because before the child’s 6th birthday. All persons with legal custody that the child, consisting of the natural and adoptive parents, need to consent come the adoption, but consent through persons without legal custody is no necessary.

With “special” adoptions, it has actually made the process a little easier.

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Japan is no a member that the Hague Convention on adoption does the make a difference to the adoption process?

The main distinction in the adoption process with Japan is the being a non-Hague Convention country, girlfriend must have actually the kid legally recognised together an orphan as part of the procedures.

For much more information visit the U.S. Room of State – bureau of Consular to work Non-Hague Visa Process