Personalize her Watch face so the looks the means you want and also provides the functions you need. Choose a design, readjust colors and features, then add it to your collection. Switch deals with at any time to view the right timekeeping tools—or to shake points up.

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The challenge Gallery in the Watch app is the easiest means to see all of the easily accessible watch faces, customize one, and include it to your collection. But, if your iPhone no handy, you can customize the face right on your watch. For much more information, check out watch faces and also their features.

Choose a various watch face

Swipe edge to edge across the watch challenge to watch other deals with in your collection.

To watch all accessible watch faces, touch and also hold the watch face, swipe come the one girlfriend want, climate tap it.


Add symptom to the watch face

You can add special features—called complications—to some watch faces, so you deserve to instantly check things choose stock prices, the weather report, or details from various other apps friend installed.

With the watch confront showing, touch and hold the display, climate tap Edit.

Swipe left all the method to the end.

If a face offers complications, they’re displayed on the critical screen.

Tap a complication to pick it, then turn the Digital Crown to select a brand-new one—Activity or love Rate, for example.

When you finished, press the Digital Crown to save your changes, climate tap the face to move to it.

Some apps you obtain from the App Store likewise include complications.

Add a watch challenge to your collection

Create your own collection of practice faces—even variations of the exact same design.

With the present watch confront showing, touch and hold the display.

Swipe left all the means to the end, then tap the brand-new button (+).

Turn the Digital Crown come browse clock faces, then tap Add.

Tip: Tap a collection such as new in watchOS to browse a certain category of clock faces.

After you include it, you have the right to customize the watch face.


View her collection

You can see all your watch deals with at a glance.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Tap mine Watch, then swipe v your collection listed below My Faces.

To rearrange the bespeak of her collection, tap Edit, then traction

next to a watch face up or down.

Delete a challenge from your collection

With the present watch confront showing, touch and hold the display.

Swipe come the challenge you don’t want, climate swipe it up and also tap Remove.

Or, on her iPhone, open up the Watch app, tap my Watch, then tap edit in the My faces area. Tap next to the watch encounters you want to delete, climate tap Remove.

You can always add the watch confront again later.


Set the clock ahead

Open the Settings app
on her Watch.

Tap Clock.

Tap +0 min, then revolve the Digital Crown to collection the watch ahead through as lot as 59 minutes.

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This setting changes only the time shown on the watch face—it doesn’t influence alarms, time in notifications, or any type of other time (such as civilization Clock).