Use the Stocks app

to track market activity, watch the power of share you follow, and get the latest organization news.

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Ask Siri. Say other like: “How are the industries doing?” or “How’s stock today?” Learn how to questioning Siri.

Add the share you monitor to your watchlist to quickly view price, everyday price and also percentage change, and market capitalization values.


Add a price to her watchlist: In the find field, go into a stock symbol, company name, fund name, or index. Madness the symbol you desire to add in the find results, then tap add or include to Watchlist.

Delete a symbol: Swipe left on the price in her watchlist, climate tap


Reorder symbols: Touch and hold a symbol, then drag it into a brand-new position.

Tap a stock symbol in her watchlist to watch an interaction chart, added details, and also related news stories.


See the power of a stock over time: insanity an choice from the time variety selections in ~ the optimal of the chart.

See the worth for a particular date or time: Touch and hold the chart through one finger.

See the distinction in value over time: Touch and also hold the chart with two fingers.

See an ext details: Swipe the data below the chart to see additional stock details like 52-week high and low, Beta, EPS, and average commerce volume.

Read news: Swipe approximately see added news stories, climate tap a story.

To return to your watchlist, insanity


View your watchlist throughout devices

You have the right to view your watchlist across your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac once you’re signed in v the same ID.

On your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, walk to settings

 > <your name> > iCloud, then turn on Stocks.

On her Mac, choose food selection

 > device Preferences, climate do one of the following:

macOS 10.15 or later: Click ID, choose iCloud, then turn on Stocks.

macOS 10.14 or earlier: select iCloud, then rotate on Stocks.

Read business news

Swipe increase on organization News or top Stories to see stories that highlight the present news steering the market. Stories around companies in her watchlist are grouped by ticker symbol. In nations where News is available, you also see stories selected by the News editors and also stories native News+. ( News and News+ content is not easily accessible in all countries or regions.)

Note: If girlfriend tap an News+ story and also you’re no an News+ subscriber, tap the i ordered it or complimentary trial button, climate follow the onscreen instructions. To learn much more about News+, see Subscribe come News+.


Tap a story to review it. When viewing a story, you have actually these options:

Return to your newsfeed in Stocks: tap

or done in the top-left corner.

See more stories indigenous the publication in News: madness the publisher logo design at the top of the screen.

Change the text size: tap

in the top-right corner, climate tap the smaller or larger letter to change the text size in the story.

Share the story: insanity

in the top-right corner, tap re-publishing Story, then pick a share option, such as Messages or Mail.

Stories from publications you have actually blocked in News don’t appear in the newsfeed. See See news stories chosen simply for you on iPhone.

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Add a share widget to her iPhone residence Screen

Use a share widget to examine stocks at a glance on your iPhone home Screen. Pick Watchlist come monitor number of symbols from her watchlist on your residence Screen, or symbol to monitor the power of a single symbol. See include a widget come your residence Screen.