Tumblr blogs are well-known for being simple to use and an easy to collection up. But the blogging platform stays up come its reputation only as far as stan




Tumblr blogs are recognized for being simple to use and basic to collection up. But the blogging platform stays up come its reputation only as far as traditional accounts go.

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Want to collection up a company blog the contributors can write-up to from multiple accounts? desire to use a password-protected Tumblr internally? gain ready for part help-section browsing.

Because Tumblr wants everybody's "primary blog" to stand for them, the does not allow users to develop group blogs or password-protected accounts. In bespeak to perform so, you'll need to create secondary blog under her account and also then invite other members to join it. Here's a step-by-step accuse to acquire you started:

1. Create second Blog


Next to the title of your blog in the best panel that the Tumblr dashboard, there's an arrowhead that opens a drop down menu. In that food selection there's an choice to create a new blog. Click it.

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2. Name her Blog and collection a Password


After girlfriend click the "Create brand-new Blog" tab, you'll it is in asked to get in a title and domain name for your new blog. You likewise have the choice to defend the blog with a password. If you decision to do so, only world who get in the password will be able to view your brand-new blog.

3. Invite Members


In the dashboard that your new blog, select "members" from the menu on the right panel. You have the right to invite members to write-up on the blog via email or by copying and also pasting one invite link. Invite members will be may be to include content come the brand-new blog, but they won't it is in able to readjust settings uneven you encourage them to be blog admins.

Important Questions

Can I include other contributors come my main blog? Unfortunately, there's no means to simply add other customers to a blog that you have already started as your primary blog. There's additionally no method to change which blog is your main blog or deliver that content to one more blog. Which means that if you desire co-bloggers, you'll must either share the login info for your major blog or create second group blog native scratch, as outlined above. Keep in mind that you need a major Tumblr prior to you have the right to start a group one.Can my group blog follow or like various other Tumblr blogs? Only primary blogs have the right to follow and also like various other blogs. Due to the fact that group blog can't be main blogs, they can not follow or like various other people's content.Can other people follow or like my group blog? Yes.

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Can i password defend my major blog? Only additional blogs deserve to be password protected.