If you’re trying to find quick and easy means to include some carbohydrate to her nutrition, you’ve come to the best place. Whether you’re searching for low-volume or high-volume adds, quick-to-digest options, carbs to meet your refeed work macros, high-fiber selections or carbs from whole-food sources, we’ve acquired you covered.

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Most the the carbohydrate sources detailed in the following charts will have a minimal amount that protein or fat, do it simpler to include any that these foods to your day-to-day lineup without including too numerous of the other macros. Or, if you still having actually trouble understanding just how to include or pick the ideal carb option, friend can constantly turn come ask her WAG coach.

Quick tip: If your nutrition is focused on minimizing carbs, you can flip the switch and also use these charts as a reminder top top what foods items to happen on for currently (low volume) or what foods to encompass for high fiber contents (high volume).

Higher-Carb foods With an extremely Low Volume

The following chart reflects a variety of foodstuffs that are very low in volume in respect to your high-carb outcomes (a lot of grams because that a an extremely small section size that food):


Carbohydrate foodstuffs With an extremely High Volume

The complying with foods limit your fat and protein intake, yet allow larger portions and volume for the number of carbohydrates you will do it consume. Numerous of these foods are high in water content and fiber, which adds to your volume.


Now that you can include carbs come your day-to-day macro lineup favor a pro, examine out this easy ways to include protein to her diet.

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