A Roku player permits you come watch countless movies and TV shows on apps (also dubbed channels). Just like you download apps on her smartphone, you can likewise download channels on her Roku device. There are plenty of paid and cost-free channels that you can include in 3 ways: native the device, native the Roku website, or indigenous the Roku mobile app. Here’s just how to add apps on your Roku device:

Adding Apps using Your Roku Device

Press the Home switch on your Roku remote.

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This will take you to the residence menu.
On the left sidebar, click Streaming networks option. This will open the Roku Channel store.
Choose a classification or pick Search Channels and type in the channel you want to add. When looking lists, you have the right to press the Rewind button or the rapid Forward switch on her Roku far to walk up or down a page.
Press OK ~ above the remote to learn an ext about a channel. This will display screen the synopsis and also rating the the channel and also show friend screenshots.
When you find a channel you want, click Add Channel or Buy. If the channel is free, the button will read Add Channel. If the app requires payment, the switch will read Buy through a price. Either technique will install the channel on the home page of your Roku menu.

Note: There room some complimentary apps that call for you to salary subscriptions or pay per watch fees, such as YouTubeTV.

Ifyou have actually a Roku account PIN, you could be required to get in it here.Ifyou don’t have actually a PIN, follow any extr instructions because that payment.

Adding Apps utilizing the Roku Website

Ifyou’re far from your Roku device, you can add channels making use of your computer.

Then click Sign In. If you do not see this in the upper-right corner of her screen, you can expand your browser window or zoom out.
Sign in or create an account. Finally, select a channel and also click Add Channel. You have the right to browse networks by classification or genre. Or you deserve to search for channels using the Search channel box. Once you find a channel, you deserve to click Details to see the synopsis, rating, screenshots, and the price.

Ifyou space purchasing a paid channel, friend will have to complete added steps.

Note: It could take up to 24 hours for a channel to be added to her Roku device with this method. This is due to the fact that Roku devices instantly check the device for new changes every 24 hours. To acquire it faster, walk to her Roku machine and select Settings > System > System update, then click Check Now.

How to add Apps utilizing the Roku mobile App

Youcan also include channels making use of your smartphone.

Open the app and tap the networks icon. You canfind this on the navigating bar in ~ the bottom that the screen. If this is yourfirst time using the app, you will certainly then need to click connect in the following window.Then girlfriend will have to pair your device by selecting it from the perform thatappears.Then madness Channel Store in the top menu.Scroll down to search by genre or insanity themagnifying glass icon to search by name. Finally, choose Add Channel.

Ifthis is a paid app, follow the accuse to purchase the channel. If friend havea Roku account PIN, you will certainly be compelled to get in it.

Note: Like channels added through the website, it may take 24 hrs for your channel come be added to your Roku device if you add it using the cell phone app.

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If she having troubles with your Roku remote, make sure to inspect out our guide on just how to pair a Roku remote.