Many world are express concern about Facebook’s new ticker (some civilization are affectionately dubbing the the sidebar native hell, yet to each his/her own). The concern human being have is around privacy. Castle are involved that they are seeing what world are posting on other people’s pages that room not your friends, and therefore are pertained to what is going on the ticker that people can see from civilization that article on your own profile. I absolutely understand the concern, however really nothing has changed, it’s just an ext in your challenge now.

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Say you were to go to that person’s file (the human that her friend just posted other on their wall). If you click on their wall, and they don’t have actually their privacy setups to hide your wall, then you would have seen that article whether friend were their friend currently or not. So it’s no less hidden than the has remained in the past, it’s simply now displaying that on her homepage as opposed come you having to browse to the person’s page.

So now that we’ve obtained the privacy issue cleared up, and also you desire to check and see if your privacy settings are together that when your friends post on her wall, their friends don’t watch it…


1. Click the down arrowhead next to home in the height right edge of the page.

2. Click on Privacy Settings3. Click the “edit settings” connect next come “How you Connect”4. Examine the “Who can see wall posts through others” setting, and if it states “Friends” or “Only Me”Now you are halfway there. Following within the privacy settings you have the right to click the connect to “edit her profile”. Here you deserve to customize exactly what the public deserve to see around your profile. I execute a the majority of sweepstakes, so i don’t favor other world to view me “like” assorted pages every day, especially since usually i am only liking the page to get in the sweepstakes. For this reason I’ve hidden the pages I prefer from everyone yet myself. So even my girlfriend can’t see “Sarah likes technology for Mommies”. I would simply go v your settings in here and also figure out precisely what you space OK with having actually public, what you desire to share v your friends, and maybe also some things that you just want to watch yourself (like my page “likes”).

The last point to check is when you are actually posting a status update. There is a small option right next to the “post” button where you can specify who deserve to see the separation, personal, instance post. Friend can pick your lists, just friends, or make the update public.

If you don’t want to view the ticker, as soon as you usage lists for your news feed prefer I explained yesterday, the ticker is in reality not even on the page. It’s only on the house page where you watch the conventional News Feed.

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Like ns said, I’m absolutely happy v the brand-new changes, and also apparently there space some more major changes in the works. Ns don’t know the suggest of the ticker though, together it’s simply a News Feed, next to my News Feed? Why execute I need two top top the same web page again?

For a betterexplanation of why exactly you room seeing your friends posting on condition updates of world you are not friends through in the ticker, examine out my video clip about the Privacy settings of the Ticker…

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