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I am in the process of make the efforts to execute a full backup before doing a manufacturing facility reset in the really hopes of solving some quirks that have actually been occurring on my Edge. I have actually a couple of voicemails I moved from the energetic area to "Saved" yet need come make sure those room backed up. The glossesweb.com Cloud go not display if these have been saved.Does anyone understand where top top the phone this items are stored? If I deserve to locate the warehouse area I deserve to download them to my computer or also move them to the SD card. I"ve been with every possible folder I have the right to locate but the voicemails aren"t there.

I discovered it...more through accident 보다 success I connected my call to my PC and rather 보다 importing vids and also photos, clicked ~ above open records and every one of the phone files came up. Voicemails are conserved in the VisualVoiceMail document as .amr files. I think I discovered the text messages also but there is no paper "extension;" it simply says file so i can"t open up them top top the pc to check. Those, i think, space in the file VZMessages.

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I found it...more through accident than success I connected my phone call to mine PC and rather than importing vids and photos, clicked top top open documents and all of the phone papers came up. Voicemails are conserved in the VisualVoiceMail document as .amr files. Ns think I discovered the message messages too but there is no document "extension;" it simply says paper so i can"t open them ~ above the computer to check. Those, i think, are in the file VZMessages.

tk3765,I understand how necessary it is to make certain you don"t lose anything. Those messages are precious. I"m glad you to be able to find your voicemails. Texts are a tiny more daunting to watch in another way but those deserve to be donate up utilizing the glossesweb.com Cloud, and also possibly come glossesweb.com messages if you use it. Http://vz.to/2wGytLQ AndrewT_VZWFollow united state on Twitter
VZWSupportIf my response answered your concern please click the ?Correct Answer? button under mine response. This ensures rather can advantage from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your assist with this!

I had actually this same issue tonight and your instructions take it me appropriate to the saved voicemail!Unfourtunately, my computer system could not open the voicemail, therefore I sent out the file to my email and also opened on mine phone. Worked like a charm.Thank you!