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What ns doing is making some hanging gongs the end of part scrap bar steel we have at work. I pick some 4" diameter steel just want come know exactly how thick to make it so the my .308 won"t rotate it into prompt swiss cheese. Some an ext info this will be hanging in ~ 300 yards and I will certainly be shoot 168gr FGMM and also 175gr .308 at it. Thanks for any assist and yeah i tried searching however I suck v those things.
At 300 yards, I would certainly hope the a half inch would stop a .308, unless it to be armor piercing. If you"re worried around penetration, three quarters would absolutely stop one.

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Jeff passed far on July 17th, 2009, he will be substantially missed by everyone below at Sniper Central. Video Thread" we cannot straight the wind,but we can readjust the sails." -Bertha
good the piece that to be there are 1/2" and 1" guess i will simply leave lock the way they space then thanks

Steel of any kind of sort will at some point fail. Repetitive hammering that a malleable metal results in flattening or holes. Certainly much better alloys will certainly stand increase longer, however they all ultimately fail. You"d just have to weld it increase or change it.Jeff
Jeff passed far on July 17th, 2009, he will certainly be significantly missed by everyone right here at Sniper Central. Video clip Thread" we cannot straight the wind,but us can readjust the sails." -Bertha
At 300 yards, I would hope that a half inch would protect against a .308, uneven it was armor piercing. If you"re worried about penetration, 3 quarters would certainly stop one.Jeff
It still relies lol. Ns shot 1/2" with 175 grain BH ammo through my M40A3 and also it walk nothing however splat. Mine dad "errrrr" decided to shoot it through his hunting round from his .308, and also it placed a feet clean v it. And also we were just about 300 out.So you understand it relies on the ammo too!
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