Discover the magic the Dr. Seuss’ classic holiday story as it involves life top top stage. Featuring the hit song “You’re A typical One, Mr. Grinch” and also “Welcome Christmas,” The Grinch discovers there’s more to Christmas than he bargained for in this heart-warming vacation classic. Max the Dog narrates together the mean and scheming Grinch, whose heart is “two sizes as well small,” decides to steal Christmas away from the holiday-loving Whos. Memory the holidays v the display The brand-new York Times phone call "100 times much better than any type of bedtime story!"

Run Time: 85 minutes with no intermission.

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"AN especially PERFORMANCE! 100 times better than any type of bedtime story."–The brand-new York Times

"AN AWESOME an initial BROADWAY MUSICAL for KIDS! A bright, tuneful, neatly packaged development of the book."–The document

"A GENIUS that A SHOW! A complete DELIGHT for BOTH KIDS and ADULTS. For a family members on a holiday-season outing, it"s the right ticket."–Gannett Papers

"THE GRINCH"S TRIUMPH IS definitely BROADWAY"S GAIN. The spectacle warms the understanding of everybody."–The journal News

"THE most LOVEABLE CHRISTMAS rogue OF castle ALL! This Grinch brings the Dr. Seuss standard fancifully to life - you could find her heart cultivation a few sizes, too."–Associated Press

"In heart, soul and also pure entertainment, THE GRINCH has actually WICKED and YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN BEAT!"–Talkin" Broadway

"Infused with the heart of Seuss – IT"S A brand-new CHRISTMAS TRADITION"–The Philadelphia Inquirer

“THE GRINCH will certainly BLOW friend AWAY! This is awesome. Make sure you view it”-KOST 103.5 FM

“BRILLIANT! A Grinch for the periods at the Pantages.”-The Hollywood Reporter

“SHEER DELIGHT! Who have the right to resist sentimentality at Christmastime? Shedding a tear or two is what brings the end the humankind in every one of us.”

In Dr. Seuss" how The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical, Max the Dog narrates together the mean and scheming Grinch, whose heart is "two sizes also small," decides to steal Christmas far from the vacation loving Whos. The civilization Premiere record includes actors members from the original Broadway cast and features the hit songs "You"re A mean One, Mr. Grinch" and also "Welcome Christmas" native the beloved initial animated series, add to a bonus recording of Where are You Christmas indigenous the live activity Grinch movie. With extr music and lyrics by Mel Marvin and Timothy Mason, Dr. Seuss" exactly how The Grinch Stole Christmas! The musical breathes new life into the timeless story that the true meaning of Christmas.





THE 2021 tour WILL include the following cities, with extr dates to it is in announced:

CHARLOTTE, NCNovember 16-21

Belk theater at Blumenthal Performing arts Center

Washington, dcNovember 23-December 5

THE nationwide THEATRE

Atlanta, gadecember 7-12

the fox theatre

1. New York, NY, 2. Baltimore, MD, 3. Boston, MA, 4. Los Angeles, CA, 5. Omaha, NE, 6. Tempe, AZ, 7. Houston, TX, 8. Dallas, TX, 9. Toronto, ON, 10. Providence, RI, 11. Pittsburgh, PA, 12. Atlanta, GA, 13. St. Louis, MO, 14. San Francisco, CA, 15. Bloomington, IN, 16. Hartford, CT, 17. Richmond, VA, 18. Chicago, IL, 19. Detroit, MI, 20. Orange, TX, 21. Ft Worth, TX, 22. Cincinnati, OH, 23. Durham, NC, 24. Rochester, NY, 25. Buffalo, NY, 26. Mountain Antonio, TX, 27. Springfield, MO, 28. Oklahoma City, OK, 29. Tulsa, OK, 30. Albuquerque, NM, 31. Birmingham, AL, 32. Salt Lake City, UT, 33. Spokane, WA, 34. Seattle, WA, 35. Costa Mesa, CA, 36. Denver, CO, 37. Worcester, MA, 38. Appleton, WI, 39. Columbus, OH, 40. Jacksonville, FL, 41. Orlando, FL, 42. Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 43. Nashville, TN 44. Midland, MI 45. Brand-new Orleans, LA 46. Cleveland, five 47. Washington, DC 48. Utica, NY 49. Madison, WI 50. Louisville, KY

FOR info ON BOOKING THE tourism OR because that PARTNERSHIP avenues WITHDR. SEUSS" exactly how THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS!THE MUSICAL, you re welcome CONTACT:

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