Biden has actually clearest path to win amid tight races in staying states, as Trump intimidates to sue his means to re-election


Protesters speak to for continued vote counting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in spite of efforts by the Trump project to halt the process. Photograph: Tracie valve Auken/EPA
Protesters contact for continued vote counting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, despite efforts by the Trump project to halt the process. Photograph: Tracie valve Auken/EPA
Trump’s command in Georgia continued to narrow on Thursday and on Friday Biden went 917 votes front in the state and putting that him with of that 16 electoral university votes. Much more Georgians poll by mail than voted in total in 2016 and these mail-in ballots space skewing blue. Together of Thursday afternoon, Trump had led by 13,000 votes in the state.

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Biden could additionally net Pennsylvania, which would obtain him 20 votes. The state has about 175,000 ballots left to be processed, with roughly 18,0000 votes separating the two candidates.

Biden ~ above Thursday dubbed for patience if the vote is counted if Trump falsely asserted at a White residence news conference the he to be ahead in legal votes. He was reduced off by us TV networks that then corrected his statement.


Election workers count Fulton ar ballots in Atlanta, Georgia, top top Wednesday. Photograph: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

It is still possible for Trump to win

Alaska has not however been called for Trump, but the result is no in doubt: the is expected to success its three electoral college votes, acquisition him come 217.

In order come secure the other 53 votes he needs for victory, that would must win all four remaining states and also their 57 votes: Nevada (six votes), North Carolina (15), Georgia (16), and Pennsylvania (20).

What is continue in Arizona?

The linked Press and also several various other news organisations have referred to as Arizona (with the 11 electoral college votes) for Biden, although various other outlets, including NBC, have refrained from doing so. The Guardian counts on the AP to call states.

While Biden’s command in Arizona narrowed slightly ~ above Wednesday night , at 4pm ET on Thursday, with 88% that the approximated votes counted, he held 50.5% that the votes.

The Trump campaign has falsely claimed that it has won Arizona and on Wednesday night, Trump pendant descended on the state capitol in Phoenix and also chanted “Shame ~ above Fox” ~ the TV news channel additionally declared Biden the winner in the state.

What is happening in Nevada?

Nevada still has actually 190,150 come go v as the 4pm ET top top Thursday, 123,554 that which are mail-in ballots or ballots dropped of in ~ in-person locations.

Nevada officials claimed that 90% of the votes that still necessary to it is in counted to be from Clark county, which is home to largely autonomous Las Vegas and also its surrounding suburbs.

By law, ballots postmarked on election day can be count as lengthy as they are obtained by 5pm top top 10 November, which way counting in the state could continue through the weekend.

When will we have actually a winner?

Pennsylvania can be dubbed on Friday. V the state’s 20 electoral votes, the would press Biden end 270 if it’s in his favor.

Georgia could additionally be called on Friday.

Trump is threatening to sue his means to re-election

Trump and his project have sued to halt vote-counting in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Georgia, which have not however been dubbed by connected Press, and Michigan, i m sorry the AP dubbed for Biden.

Judges in Georgia and also Michigan conveniently dismissed the campaign’s lawsuits top top Thursday.

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Trump’s campaign has additionally requested a recount in Wisconsin, i beg your pardon AP dubbed for Biden.