The iconic twin towers that downtown Manhattan’s civilization Trade facility were a triumph of human imagination and also will. Perfect in 1973, the towers stood at 110 stories each, accommodating 50,000 workers and 200,000 day-to-day visitors in 10 million square feet the space. They were the hub the the bustling gaue won District, a peak tourist attraction and a price of brand-new York City’s–and America’s–steadfast devotion to progress and also the future. Top top September 11, 2001, the human being Trade Center became the target the a huge terrorist strike that took the resides of nearly 3,000 people. The disaster likewise radically changed the skyline of brand-new York City, damaging the twin columns of glass and steel that over the year had involved embody the city itself.

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World trade Center: A Dream Is Born

The 1939 brand-new York World’s Fair included an exhibit dubbed the people Trade facility that was specialized to the concept of “world tranquility through trade.” seven years later, one of the exhibit’s organizers, Winthrop W. Aldrich, headed a brand-new state company with the proposed score of creating a permanent trade exposition based in brand-new York. Industry research indicated that the city would benefit an ext by modernizing that is ports, however, and also the setup was soon scrapped.

Did friend know? More 보다 10,000 workers were associated in structure the people Trade facility complex.

Aldrich’s nephew, David Rockefeller, didn’t forget the idea. The grandson of typical Oil founder man D. Rockefeller, David made decision to recreation the civilization Trade facility concept together the main point of a revitalized lower Manhattan. In may 1959, Rockefeller formed the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association, i beg your pardon planned a $250 million complex near the Fulton Fish sector on the east River, consisting of a solitary 70-story office tower and also several smaller sized buildings.

For the resources and also power to do the project work, Rockefeller turned to the port of new York Authority. The harbor Authority had been hired in 1921 by new York and brand-new Jersey come build and also operate all transport terminals and also facilities in ~ a 25-mile radius that the Statue that Liberty. 

By 1960, after constructing the Lincoln Tunnel and also the George Washington Bridge, the port Authority to be rapidly widening its influence, through 5,000 employees and more than $1 billion in freight and transportation frameworks all presided over by its powerful director, Austin J. Tobin.

The harbor Authority had actually just agreed to take it over and renovate new Jersey’s Hudson and also Manhattan commuter railroad, the path (Port government Trans Hudson) train, built in 1908. The path terminal was on the west side of lower Manhattan, and also Tobin’s team determined to move the prospective trade center location from eastern to west, combining the two projects. 

A an ar bounded by Vesey, Church, Liberty and also West Streets–known as “Radio Row” because that its many consumer electronics shops–would have to be razed for the trade center to be built. After ~ a bitter legal fight with representatives of the Radio heat merchants, the port Authority won the appropriate to proceed its plan.

Sights set on Record-Breaking height

By this time, the port Authority had decided that the trade center should replace the 1,250-foot-high empire State Building, built in 1931, as the world’s tallest building. To meet the harbor Authority’s requirement, architect Minoru Yamasaki designed two towers of 110 stories each. 

Instead that the classic stacked glass-and-steel box building and construction of many new York skyscrapers, Yamasaki functioned with structural designers to come up v a revolutionary design: 2 hollow tubes, sustained by carefully spaced stole columns encased in aluminum. Floor trusses associated this exterior stole lattice come the main steel core of the building. In this way, the “skin” the the building would be strong enough that internal columns wouldn’t be essential to hold it together.

Construction began in February 1967, after ~ the port Authority faced down criticism around the towers’ safety and viability indigenous many powerful figures, consisting of real heritage tycoon (and realm State building owner) Lawrence Wien. Wien also ran an ad in the New York Times in may 1968 predicting the a commercial airliner was most likely to fly right into the towers. 

Plans had currently been made to guard against such an accident–which had actually happened in July 1945 v a smaller airplane at the empire State–and the towers to be designed to be safe in a collision v a fully loaded 707 airplane (the biggest existing plane at the time). It to be assumed such a airplane would have to be lost in fog for such an event to occur; a terrorist assault was never envisioned.

Feats of engineering at the people Trade facility


View that the civilization Trade facility under construction, with a sign announcing the perfect schedule, circa 1969.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Because the ground in lower Manhattan was mainly landfill, designers would have to dig under 70 feet to reach bedrock. Excavating equipments dug a three-foot-wide trench down to the bedrock, and also as dirt and also rock were removed, lock were replaced by slurry: a mixture that water and bentonite, a form of clay that increases when wet to plug any hole follow me the next of the trench. Workers then lower a 22-ton, seven-story-high steel cage into the trench and filled it through concrete by making use of a lengthy pipe. Together the concrete flowed in, it displaced the bentonite slurry. 

By making an ext than 150 of this slurry trench segments, employees enclosed one area two blocks vast and 4 blocks long. Called the “bathtub,” that was provided to seal the basements the the towers and keep water from the Hudson River out of the foundation.

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All in all, one million cubic yards the landfill had to it is in removed. The harbor Authority offered this landfill to develop the $90 million precious of land that would end up being Battery Park City. To piece the steel frame of the structure together, engineers lugged in Australian-made “kangaroo” cranes, self-powered cranes powered by diesel electric motors that can hoist us up together the building grew higher. 

At the end of construction, this cranes had to be disassembled and brought under by elevator. Once the towers to be finished, every one would have 97 passenger elevators, capable of carrying lots of approximately 10,000 pounds at speeds of as much as 1,600 feet every minute. In all, the towers to be assembled from more than 200,000 pieces of stole manufactured roughly the country, 3,000 mile of electrical wiring, 425,000 cubic yards that concrete, 40,000 doors, 43,600 windows and six acres of marble.