Someone may be extending the truth.

Published16 November 2021

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In November 2021, photo was circulated on society media the supposedly proved a 9-foot-8 man, Joshua Ladu, who had just been called by the “Guinness publication of people Records” together the tallest guy in the world:


This is no a genuine photograph of one extraordinarily high person. This image has been extended to make this human being look much taller. 

While we have actually not been able to find the details origins that this changed image, we did uncover what appears to it is in the original source photograph. Here’s a side-by-side that the stretched picture (left) and the noticeable original picture (right). 


The changed image has actually been circulating due to the fact that at least May 2020. If this snapshot and case were accurate, Ladu would certainly have absolutely been added to the “Guinness publication of people Records” through now, but that isn’t the case. 

Guinness lists the so late Robert Wadlow, who stood in ~ 8 feet 11.1 inch tall, together the world tallest man.

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 Guinness writes:

called Robert Wadlow as the tallest guy “of who there is irrefutable evidence”. When last measure up on 27 June 1940, the mild-mannered American stretched a staggering 2.72 m (8 ft 11.1 in) tall.

Perhaps surprisingly, Robert entered the people no differently to many babies. He was born top top 22 February 1918 to 2 regular-sized parents, weighing one unremarkable 3.85 kg (8.7 lb). However he rapidly started come shoot up, getting to an remarkable 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in) by the period of five, whereby time he was already wearing apparel intended for teenagers.

The tallest living man, Sultan Kösen, stand at just over 8 feet tall. 

 In short, the viral image does not display Joshua Ladu, the world’s tallest man. The image was digitally altered, and also the claim about Ladu’s gift in the “Guinness publication of people Records” is false. 


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