Ötzi is a wet mummy that was mummified naturally in the glacier ice. Due to the length of time the lay in the snow and also ice, the body dehydrated, i.e. Much of the body fluid was lost. Most mummies were treated v substances to keep them as component of ritual burial after their organs had been removed. Ötzi is distinct in that he has been preserved practically in his entirety.

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Ötzi, the glossesweb.com, Similaun Man, etc.Following reports of the find by the international media, assorted names to be coined for the mummy. Over 500 nicknames were mooted in the first couple of weeks. The Viennese journalist knife Wendl referred to as him Ötzi, after the exploration site in the Ötztal valley Alps, and this has end up being his most famous name today.
The mummy in the MuseumSince 1998, the mummy has actually been housed in a especially devised cold cell in the southern Tyrol Museum the Archaeology in Bolzano. The cold cell simulates glacier conditions. The mummy weighs roughly 13 kg and also is 1.54 m long. The lies ~ above precision scale at -6°C and 99% humidity and also is clearly shows to the public through a small window. The mummy is on regular basis sprayed with sterile water to stop loss of its herbal moisture.

Ötzi – the world-renowned mummy in the southern Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

The well known mummy is preserved in a distinct cold cabinet under glacier conditions and also monitored v high-tech equipment
Since Ötzi is a wet mummy and his tissue, bones and also organs are well preserved, countless examinations have been carried out on him come learn an ext about his state of health when he to be alive.
A few key data:Age:
check of the osteons (functional units of bone) in Ötzi’s femur (thigh bone) placed his likely age to be around 45. This to be a great age considering the brief life span 5300 years ago.Height: The mummy is 1.54 m in length. In life, Ötzi must have actually been about 1.60 m tall. His shoe size would have been today’s indistinguishable of a continental 38 – the typical for the population at the time.Weight: The mummy weighs approx. 13 kg. In life, the would have actually weighed about 50 kg. Due to the fact that there is very tiny subcutaneous fat top top the body, he must have cut quite a wiry, sporty figure.
he epidermis (outer great of the person skin) is quickly melted in the course of decomposition, and also body hair is lost. A couple of clumps the hair to be found approximately the body, indicating that Ötzi had actually dark, medium-long hair which the wore loose. Traces that arsenic were discovered in his hair, leading to the conclusion the Ötzi to be sometimes existing where steel ores were being smelted.Nails: Ötzi’s fingernails and also toenails dropped off together he decomposed. Throughout excavations, one fingernail and two toenails to be retrieved. Horizontal grooves, or Beau’s lines, were observed top top the fingernail – an indication of good physical stress.Parasites and pathogens: Two human fleas were discovered in Ötzi’s clothing. Scientists also found the oldest proof of borreliosis, or Lyme Disease, one infectious an illness transmitted through ticks, in Ötzi’s DNA. The eggs of whipworm, an irritating intestinal parasite, were found in his digestive tract.

Ötzi is among the finest researched individuals in the world.

Numerous examinations have revealed information about his state of health.
Ötzi’s teeth were badly worn, and there is a unique diastema (gap) between his top incisors, which is regularly inherited. The mineral in his teeth shed light ~ above the composition of his drinking water and also thus of whereby he lived as a child. Ötzi had actually no wisdom teeth.Bones and also joints: X-rays disclosed far-ranging wear and also tear of joints, consisting of the hips, shoulders, knees and also spine. His twelfth pair of ribs were missing – a rare hereditary anomaly. Ötzi damaged several bones during his lifetime, including several ribs and his nose.Internal organs: Endoscopic examinations have presented that Ötzi’s lungs were soot-blackened early out his to continuous proximity to open fires. The materials of his stomach were additionally examined, revealing that his diet contained various types of game, grain and plants. DNA: Ötzi’s genome has been almost fully decoded. His haplogroup (genetic populace group) is really rare in contemporary Europe and is found nearly exclusively amongst inhabitants of the archipelago of Sardinia and Corsica that were secluded for long periods. Ötzi to be genetically predisposed to cardiovascular disease, which manifested itself in the form of arteriosclerosis. He was probably lactose intolerant, and his blood group was 0 positive.
61 tattoos were discovered on Ötzi’s body, all in the type of present or crosses. Unlike modern-day tattoos, lock were no made with a needle; they to be fine incisions right into which pulverised charcoal to be rubbed. The tattoos are located near his ribcage and lumbar spine, ~ above his wrist, knee, calves and ankles.
Adornment or therapy?Scientists room still puzzled about the definition of the tattoos. Castle were situated in places that would have actually been covered by clothing most that the time, therefore they don’t seem to have been produced adornment. Today, the is assumed that the tattoos offered therapeutic purposes. They space all located at sites on the human body with considerable wear and tear the were more than likely painful. The is therefore believed the the tattoos were made in a bid come soothe pain. This theory is supported by the place of the tattoos top top acupuncture present that space still offered today.

Ötzi’s tattoos served therapeutic purposes.

It is believed that the good lines and crosses were made to sooth pain and were an early kind of acupuncture.
At very first it was thought that Ötzi had passed away in one accident in the mountains. The was just in 2001 that an X-ray revealed a flint arrowhead in his left shoulder, after i m sorry a 2 centimeter entry wound was found in his back. The arrow severed the subclavian artery, indicating the Ötzi bled to fatality within a matter of minutes.Ötzi additionally suffered a major head injury – probably at the exact same time together the arrowhead wound. This can have been led to by a loss or a punch to the head.Perhaps Ötzi pulled the end the arrow himself, or probably his murderer did. The arrowhead broke off when the arrow shaft to be removed and also is quiet in his body. The form of the arrowhead corresponds to that of various other flint arrowheads uncovered in the area, consisting of the persons Ötzi was transporting himself.

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Murder ~ above the glacierThere can be no doubt the Ötzi was murdered. A couple of days prior to his death, the was affiliated in hand-to-hand combat and also had obtained a deep reduced to his ideal hand. The evidence therefore says that Ötzi was being pursued and was confronted by one or an ext attackers.There space still countless open questions, and also some might never be solved. Why was he murdered and also by whom? was the motive revenge, jealousy, hierarchy, greed? Why didn’t Ötzi’s attacker take any kind of of his equipment, even though the copper axe alone must have actually been of enormous value? Or to be something stolen that us don’t know about? Why on earth did Ötzi flee come the glacier?
Time that deathBy analysing pollen and also the maple pipeline in Ötzi’s birch bark containers, botanists have narrowed the moment of his fatality to early on summer.

Ötzi: a killing case. Why go he need to die?

Mortally wounded by one arrow, Ötzi bled to fatality on the glacier. That was behind his death and what was the killer’s motive?