Many people consider Lucille sphere the queen of comedy, and the Chicago Tribune described her as TV’s very first lady.

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She paired through Desi Arnaz because that an i can not forget comedic duo that has actually remained beloved years after her death. Right here are part facts about the comedic legend that may surprise you.

Lucy and Ethel Were not BFFs in actual Life

Vivian Vance was the perfect comedic sidekick to she on-screen finest friend Lucy (Lucille Ball) ~ above I Love Lucy. It’s well known amongst fans that Vance hated her co-star, William Frawley, who played she on-screen husband, Fred. However, she and also Ball had such great chemistry as friends on-screen that countless fans believed the two must"ve been close in actual life.

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The truth is the Ball and Vance didn’t initially get along. As time went on, castle grew more supportive of each other, yet they remained competitive and also feuded transparent the operation of ns Love Lucy at different points. It to be truly a love/hate relationship.

Lucy and Desi Divorced before "I Love Lucy" even Aired

many of I Love Lucy fans know that Ball and also Arnaz obtained divorced in the 1960s after ~ spending two decades together, yet many aren’t aware of the reality that this was in reality the 2nd divorce for the couple. Lucy originally filed because that divorce not lengthy after the pair married, ago in 1944.

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That"s best - the classic Hollywood couple actually split up seven years before I Love Lucy premiered. The two ultimately reconciled and stayed married till their final parting in 1960, once Ball finally got fed up v Arnaz"s drinking and also philandering behavior.

Lucille was 40 at the start of "I Love Lucy"

Lucy was a groundbreaking star for plenty of reasons, not the the very least of which was her age. I Love Lucy began when ball was 40 years old, an er at which actresses space often taken into consideration to it is in "too old," even today! her husband and also on-screen love interest, Arnaz, to be 34 at a time as soon as it was taken into consideration taboo for an older woman to it is in paired v a younger man.

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round was likewise famously pregnant ~ above the show, which was considered somewhat shocking in ~ the time. The episode wherein her character offers birth to little Ricky wound up being the highest-rated illustration of the series. She had two kids during the show"s operation - daughter Lucie Arnaz and son Desi Arnaz, Jr.

Lucy and Desi"s children are named After Them

once you hear the complete name of Ball"s daughter, you may assume that Lucie Désirée Arnaz was called after both her mother (Lucy) and father (Desi). However, Ball’s middle name was Désirée, named after her mother. So Lucie"s surname could"ve remained in honor of round or Ball"s mother, or both! 

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One thing is for sure - Lucy and Desi were happy to pass on your names to their children. Their only son was named Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV, ~ his father. In spite of her years of success in Hollywood and also her condition as a comedy icon, round insisted that her children were her best achievements.

Lucy and also Desi generally Cracked Each other Up while Filming

Ball and Arnaz were professionals, for this reason they could usually keep from break character and laughing as soon as filming scenes that were an especially funny. However, they weren"t completely immune to cracked up, i beg your pardon you can absolutely check out while watching particular episodes.

Sometimes, you deserve to hear Arnaz"s very distinctive laughter in scenes he"s not also in! That"s due to the fact that he would typically stand off-camera to watch filming, and also Ball"s antics would hit him so tough that the couldn"t keep it in. Watch a couple of classic episodes and listen closely, and also you"ll more than likely hear him.

Her kids are make an A-List Movie around Her

Lucy and also Desi’s two kids are in pre-production ~ above a film about their famed parents. V a screenplay that’s being composed by Aaron Sorkin, and Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett signed on to play Ball, they are aiming high to make the movie a peak tier production.

according to Ball"s daughter Lucie, the movie, titled Lucy and Desi, is walk to emphasis on her parents" unusual love story. It was a facility relationship the lasted much longer than your actual marriage, with the two typically disagreeing top top how affiliated they need to be in show business.

"I Love Lucy" was constantly a height Three Show

i Love Lucy is iconic and also beloved virtually 70 years after that is debut, so it could not be also surprising to find out that it was an immediate hit. Yet that"s actually unexplained - many other mega-hit TV reflects took time to end up being successful. For example, Cheers ranked amongst the worst mirrors on part weeks during its an initial season. Ns Love Lucy never had actually that problem.

Lucille Ball’s beloved sitcom never ranked below 3rd place throughout its whole six-year run. It to be the number one display in the United says of America within 6 months the its October 15, 1951 debut. In ~ a time once there were only roughly 15 million tv sets owned in the country, roughly 11 million the them were tuned into the sitcom.

Ball came to be a Recluse

By all accounts, Desi Arnaz was an alcoholic. Once he would drink, he would sometimes leave ball for lengthy periods that time. Throughout this time, she ended up being a digital recluse in her home. According to The Los Angeles Times, she would certainly not desire to transaction with culture or answer inquiries from others that wondered around her lacking husband.

However, Ball"s tendency to be a recluse wasn’t just related come her complex relationship through Desi. After the fail of she last show Life through Lucy, which likewise coincided v the year Desi died, round allegedly ended up being a bitterness recluse until her fatality in 1989.

Lucy was a High college Dropout

The clever actress who pushed herself come stardom through co-creating i Love Lucy and co-founding Desilu Productions never finished she formal education in a timeless way. Choose other huge stars that would come after she such as John Travolta, Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, and Olivia Newton-John, Lucille ball dropped out of high school.

Ball relocated to new York City in ~ the tender age of 15, where she to visit drama school. Points weren’t always easy, and she struggled a lot in her early days in display business, receiving plenty of rejections prior to she ultimately started landing roles.

She and Desi remained Close until Death

For better or worse, Lucy and also Desi could absolutely push every other’s buttons. That supposed they could bring out the best in each other, but likewise the worst. Return Ball and also Arnaz eventually got divorced, friends speak they never lost their affection because that each other.

Arnaz passed away in 1986 from lung cancer, while Ball died in 1989 indigenous an acute aortic aneurysm (Aranz died at the age of 69, and also Ball lived to it is in 77). The two had actually a many differences, yet their everlasting love and also affection for each other stood the test of time also as they relocated on through their lives and remarried other people.

Lucy wasn"t sure She might Have Children

many celebrities have talked openly about the pain of enduring multiple miscarriages in current years. However, ago when Lucille round was at the height of her fame, this was not a subject that to be openly discussed. Sadly, Ball had actually multiple miscarriages, and also was essentially forced to keep it to herself.

follow to People, sphere may have experienced as many as three miscarriages at an early stage in her marriage to Desi Arnaz before the pair had their two children, Lucie and Desi Jr. That was easy to understand very daunting for Lucille, who, according to close friends, was emotion pressured to have actually children because she believed it would save her marital relationship together.

Lucy was the an initial "Openly" Pregnant mrs on TV

Lucille ball was the first actress to have actually her pregnancy shown on television. Throughout the episode whereby Lucy speak Ricky that she is pregnant, the expecting pair actually teared up throughout the scene"s an initial take, and also that’s the scene the wound up on TV.

as soon as Ball offered birth come Desi Arnaz, Jr. Top top January 19, 1953, the episode in which she character Lucy offers birth to little Ricky was presented on the exact same night. The brand-new York Times described the the episode as a “national event”. It had actually a record-setting 44 million civilization tune in, with a million happy fans sending out congratulatory notes and gifts.

Desi Jr. Starred as Himself top top The Brady Bunch

Desi Jr. Took pleasure in fame together a teen heartthrob, which, among other things, got him guest spots on various other shows. That consisted of the fight sitcom The Brady Bunch. On the show, eldest daughter Marcia Brady was an adoring fan of the young star.

In one illustration of The Brady Bunch, Marcia believes she is in love with Desi Arnaz, Jr. In ~ the time, Desi Jr. Was a member that pop group Dino, Desi & Billy, and also the teenage Marcia was smitten. In the 1970 episode, “The feasible Dream,” Desi Jr. Guest stars together himself, and he even gives Marcia a kiss.

The producers of "I Love Lucy" wanted Her Husband to it is in White

Lucille obtained her transaction for I Love Lucy on the heels that the success of a comedic radio program she"d created, about a banker and also his wife. However, when she was offered to construct the radio show into a tv series, she insisted the her real-life husband portray she on-screen husband.

The problem, together the studio executives observed it, was that Desi was Cuban, who spoke imperfect English with a solid accent. That wasn’t favor anyone else on TV at the time.

The studio worried the audiences would have a hard time embracing a show about an white mrs married come a Cuban man. Ball wouldn"t budge, and also eventually the producers agreed.

Desi started the Conga in the U.S.

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mental the 1980s hit track “Conga” through the Miami Sound Machine, led by Gloria Estefan? go you know it had ties to ns Love Lucy?

Well, the track celebrates the funny Cuban carnival dance relocate that pertained to popularity in the mid-20th century. According to The Los Angeles Times, it to be Desi Arnaz who an initial made the conga dance line famous in the unified States.

The novelty heat dance requires a line of world holding on come one another and snaking around the dance floor. After three shuffle procedures on the to win of the drum, yes a absent that’s simply ahead the the 4th beat. Prefer Estefan, Arnaz had actually Cuban roots, and he celebrated them v his music.

Ball had Three mirrors After "I Love Lucy"

once most people think of Lucille Ball, they additionally think of Desi Arnaz and I Love Lucy. However, Ball and also Arnaz divorced in 1960, and enjoyed several much more decades the success on her own. Her two biggest hits after I Love Lucy were The Lucy Show (1962-68) and Here’s Lucy (1968-1974).

Life through Lucy, i m sorry premiered the year Desi died, to be the only present with her surname in the title that was no a success. In fact, the tanked so badly the it is frequently considered amongst the worst tv shows ever made. It starred Lucy as a widowed grandmother, and child star and future musician Jenny Lewis as her granddaughter.

Lucy Met Desi ~ above a Movie Set

although Lucy and also Desi space an iconic tv duo, they actually met on a movie set. Decades prior to it to be acceptable come bounce between films and TV as part of one’s career (it was seen as a fail to begin in movies and then go to TV), Lucy and Desi were fearless in their shift to tv after suffering modest success in film.

they met top top the set of Too plenty of Girls. The movie premiered in 1940, 11 years before I Love Lucy first aired on TV. Lucille had a huge role in the film as Connie Casey, a young girl that doesn’t realize that her father has hired bodyguards come look after her in college.

Desi was Insecure about His Height

Desi Arnaz didn’t have actually too much of an ego around the display that lugged him fame and also fortune. After ~ all, it had Lucy’s name in the title, and he constantly admitted the she to be the star. However, he to be insecure about being much shorter than his renowned wife, so he commonly wore lifts.

back Arnaz to be visibly shorter than Ball, he wore those lifts all throughout I Love Lucy, and listed his elevation to biographers as several inches taller 보다 he in reality was. If you’re trying to find it, friend can clearly spot his elevator shoes and even high-heeled boots in countless episodes the the sitcom.

Lucy Was always a "Hands-On" Producer

Lucille and also Desi were famous for their savvy together co-producers the I Love Lucy (they created their own roles because that the show, which to be rare), but Lucy began her career as a super-involved producer numerous years earlier. While researching drama in school, she got very involved in the production of the plays.

In very early production that the play Charley’s Aunt, Ball gained so immersed in the project that she go much much more than simply play the lead role. She actors the rest of the actors, command the play, personally offered tickets, and printed up posters to encourage the play. She even did manual labor, bringing in furniture herself to usage as props in the production.

there is no Lucy, There would certainly Be No Star Trek

have actually you heard the Star Trek or The Untouchables? Those are simply a pair of the successful reflects that were produced by Desilu Productions. Desi and Lucille owned the production company together, i beg your pardon they created to make ns Love Lucy.

They founded Desilu Productions in 1962. It became the many successful independent television manufacturing studio in the world. They eventually sold it, and also it came to be Paramount Television, the TV production arm of big Pictures.

Lucy started Out together a Model

back she is a beautiful woman, Lucille never ever really attempted to have actually a glamorous look in her tv career, so you can be surprised to learn that Lucy earned her living as a model prior to she ever turned come comedy for she show company career. In fact, she dyed she blonde hair red to identify herself indigenous the idea the a Hollywood starlet.

Lucille to be a hat design for Hattie Carnegie’s salon early on in her modeling career. In the 1930s, she received attention together the Chesterfield cigarette Girl. She did a the majority of other modeling gigs prior to phasing it out in donate of acting in films and TV shows.

Lucy and also Desi shared Loving critical Words

as soon as Desi died of lung cancer in 1986, Lucille released a statement, saying the their relationship had remained “very close, very amiable,” and also that she was grateful to God the his experiencing was over.

Their final words to each other were gentle and also loving. In fact, Lucy’s daughter claimed she said Desi how much she love him three times in a row in their last conversation. Desi’s critical words come Lucy were wishing her an excellent luck on her upcoming TV present (Life v Lucy).

Lucy Remarried, but She constantly Loved Desi

once Lucille died, she to be married come comedian and also TV producer Gary Morton. The 2 met ~ above a blind date less 보다 a year after her divorce indigenous Desi. Castle married shortly after, much to the chagrin the Lucy’s daughter, who described the marital relationship as a an overwhelming time.

together for Morton, that realized that his wife still loved her an initial husband. When Lucille died, he claimed that she would be happy, because she’d gain to be v Desi again. Morton passed away 10 year later.

"I Love Lucy" Won 5 Emmys

i Love Lucy garnered a lining 24 Emmy compensation nominations throughout its run. Round herself won two awards for she portrayal of the show’s title character. However, countless fans think the show should have received greater an important acclaim.

consider this: The X-Files got 61 Emmy nominations and won 15, Downton Abbey obtained 69 Emmy nominations and won 15, Will & Grace got 88 Emmy nominations and also won 16, and Murphy Brown winner 18 Emmys.

Somehow, ns Love Lucy just won 5 Emmys. The said, awards aren"t everything, and also the true evidence of the show"s quality have the right to be watched in exactly how beloved and also influential it has remained because that over half a century.

Lucy Didn"t Think She was Funny

return Lucille has undoubtedly achieved the condition of a comedy icon, she was humble around her success. According to The Los Angeles Times, sphere didn"t also think she was particularly funny. Instead, she discussed that the writers and also directors on the present were the persons responsible for developing all the show"s jokes.

The hilarious redhead did, however, concede the she was brave. Bravery is what driven Ball native a long career in supporting parts in movies to certification in her own television series, earlier when being an actress in her 40s was "past her prime" and such a relocate was taken into consideration career suicide.

Lucy’s feeling of feeling Went beyond the Show

countless famous comedians are quite somber in genuine life when the focus isn’t top top them. However, Lucille sphere was every little as funny off-screen together she to be on it. She daughter, Lucie, referred to her together a clown. Desi Jr. Referred to as her witty, comparing her sense of humor to the much more subdued feeling of Will Rogers.

Lucille had such a keen feeling of humor that she offered it come poke fun at also the most an overwhelming parts of she life. For example, she once said that Desi’s story be dubbed “Too many Girls,” in a nod come both the film on i beg your pardon they had actually met and the cheating that ultimately drove the couple apart.

Lucille’s Mom concerned Watch she Film Every Episode

Lucille was a very devoted mother to her son and daughter. She was motivated by she own committed mother, DeDe. DeDe to be so proud the her successful daughter that she would certainly attend the filming that every single I Love Lucy episode.

She happily sat in the studio audience, including her joyous reactions and also infectious laughter come the show"s funny moments. In fact, I Love Lucy pioneered the exercise of filming in front of a live studio audience and also filming v multiple cameras, both the which room still done by sitcoms today.

Lucille was a big Fan the "Three’s Company"

maybe it need to come together no surprise provided Lucille’s penchant because that physical comedy, yet she to be a big fan of John Ritter and also Three’s Company. Her appreciation because that the display was so great that she even appeared on a “best of” episode throughout the 6th season, wherein she looked ago at several of the show’s good scenes and episodes.

In turn, Ritter was likewise a large fan of hers. He obtained the possibility to guest star top top an episode of she 1980s TV show Life v Lucy. Ritter theatre an exaggerated version of himself, stopping by the hardware store before winding up in ~ Lucy’s household home.

Lucy taken into consideration Betty White a Member of her Family

Lucille sphere made a many of well known friends over the year in film and television. One friend especially close to her heart was Betty White. Lucille was simply over a decade older 보다 Betty when the two funny females met in the mid-1950s, and a friendship soon blossomed.

The two came to be even closer once they both got married, and the two married couples would certainly hang out together. Ball and also White considered each various other to be family, and their friendship ongoing to deepen because that decades.

She showed up in over 50 Films

if Lucille will forever be a legend for she contributions come television, she has her ar in film history, too. Before she ended up being known as the zany, showbiz-loving red-headed mam of Ricky Ricardo, she had supporting functions and tiny parts in dozens of movies. In fact, she appeared in much more than 50 movies.

Lucille began her movie career in the 1933 movie, Roman Scandals, where she play an uncredited chorus girl. Native there, she came to be a contract player for RKO Pictures, which landing her roles in films with both the Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers. She even auditioned to play Scarlett in Gone with the Wind, but shed the function to Vivien Leigh.

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