John F. Kennedy may have been among America"s most renowned presidents, however this travel quirk may reveal a more troubled next of his an individual life.

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Being the chairman of the joined States means debating v politicians, adhering to strict defense protocol, and promoting the best interests the Americans—along with being the leader the the complimentary world. However like the rest of us, presidents do have actually their re-superstructure of strange habits.

Take john F. Kennedy, the 35th chairman of the unified States. Accoglossesweb.coming to Thurston Clarke’s book, JFK’s critical Hundred Days, he regularly traveled with a toilet scale since he was obsessed with his weight. He likewise reportedly avoided swimming in public because he feel sensitive around his “Fitzgerald breasts.”

The point was, the wasn’t overweight. Was standing at 6 feet one customs tall, JFK weighed about 172 pounds, accoglossesweb.coming to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. By the nationwide Institute that Health’s body mass index standaglossesweb.coms, his load was perfectly regular for who of his height. Don’t miss out on these rarely seen photos of JFK through Jackie Kennedy.

So why walk JFK have such a fixation on his weight? It might have arisen from how very closely his mother, climbed Fitzgerald Kennedy, tracked the wellness of her nine children. To assist her remember she kids’ physics conditions, she composed down their weights, shoes sizes, dentist treatments, eye examinations, and illnesses on note caglossesweb.coms in an “extensive filing system.” The caglossesweb.coms, climbed said, were “Kennedy desperation.”

Rose was also known to have told JFK’s younger sister, Rosemary, that she shouldn’t eat dessert because she needed to lose weight, Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff, who aunt to be Rosemary’s caretaker, said PEOPLE. Koehler-Pentacoff sometimes had actually dinner with Rosemary and could watch her looking out for desserts her mommy wouldn’t let her have.

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“Rose and also Joe to be concerned about all the kids’ weights,” Kate Larson, author of Rosemary: The hidden Kennedy Daughter, revealed in the same PEOPLE article. “It was constant theme transparent their totality lives.”

So if traveling v a restroom scale might seem favor a humorous quirk, it additionally provides some understanding on the deep-seated an individual struggles the former president had to endure. Next, here are 45 an ext astonishing truth you never ever knew around U.S. Presidents.

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