Look up: tall women room in the news this days. The fashion- mindful Carolyn Bessette- Kennedy, that married man F. Kennedy Jr. In September, is 6 feet tall. So is actress Uma Thurman. Nicole Kidman actions in in ~ 5-foot-10, as does Princess Diana.

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"I constantly complain when I"m in the shopping mall shopping because that clothes, but I"m glad I"m tall," claimed Josie Lehman, a college sophomore that stands around 6 feet tall and also plays on the college at Buffalo"s women"s volleyball team.

But tall women space in a minority. Around 40 percent of every women are under 5-foot-4, according to the U.S. Statistical Abstract. Seventy-five percent are under 5-foot-6, and 99 percent of every women room under 5-foot-11.

Being high often way you can get dramatic in your dress. Big, bold jewelry often looks better on tall females than short, for example. For this reason do longer hemlines, some tall ladies say.

"I think really lengthy dresses and also skirts look much better on high people. I just think when you"re taller, you can pull turn off outfits that much shorter people most likely can"t. You"re taller, therefore it"s choose you have a presence," stated Lisette Prinzing, a 6-foot-3 junior center for UB"s women"s basketball team.

At the same time, some patterns are better off avoided. The miniskirts and the infant doll dresses so renowned a couple of seasons earlier spelled disaster, for example.

"They made her legs look favor they went on forever," said miss Prinzing, who hometown is Milton, near Poughkeepsie.

Furthermore, buying fashionable shoes in sizes 10 and also larger deserve to be a challenge. Tall women may finish up purchase men"s jeans. And, if castle shop in the continuous sportswear department, tall females often discover sleeves too short and the clothes ill-fitting.

Miss Lehman, who"s native Honeoye, claimed she always has trouble finding dresses. Cocktail dresses are way too short. And for she high school prom, she ended up having her dress made.

Like other tall, functioning women, Judith Klepfer, who is in she 40s and also works in ~ Eddie Bauer, east Hills, has learned what"s appropriate for her and what isn"t.

At 5-foot-10 1/2 , she defines her format as "classic," but she occasionally goes because that something funky or glitzy.

She finds the men"s blue jeans fit her much better than women"s -- she inseam is 33 inches -- and also that in continuous women"s sizes, designer-label garments tend come be reduced longer.

What works: "I to be short-waisted so ns wear a lot of short jackets, or really long blazers. They cut me in ~ a better place. Ns wear a most black. I usually don"t wear lot color, but I perform like part brights -- specifically hot pink.

"I normally look for cuffed pants so I can take the cuff under if I need to. I also buy my pants a little big so that they are longer."

What she avoids: "Anything fitted. And I don"t favor stripes. They make you watch longer. Ns really prevent skirts, and I wear nothing short. I may wear a much longer dress in the summertime."

What about shoes? "I have no difficulty with shoes because I wear a straight dimension (9). I never wear heels; if I have to acquire dressed up, I may wear a small-stacked heel."

Did you ever see a tall women wearing pants that are too short, or a jacket the looks like it shrank in the washing machine?

"A tall woman will stand the end in a group no issue what she is wearing. So to me, a suitable fit is therefore important. You are not walk to have the ability to hide," stated Nancy Aldridge, owner of tall & Elegant clothing store, Southgate Plaza.

"Tall women should purchase clothing that is made especially for a tall person. If lock buy a blazer the is no a "tall" blazer, even the pockets are up greater than lock belong."

The classic rule because that handbags is the tall women should lug a bag that is ~ above the big side, with a form that is more comprehensive than that is high.

If girlfriend love heels, stay them. "Just due to the fact that we room tall walk not typical we can"t stay heels. Tall females usually are afraid come wear heels," said Mrs. Aldridge, that stands 5-foot 9 1/2 and also often wears 2 or three-inch heels.

"We have actually a black knit dress v a short jacket in this season. That is directly with a long slit up one side and it is really long. It come up simply a pair inches over the ankles. A short- or average-size human being couldn"t bring it off. That is so plain, it"s dramatic," Mrs. Aldridge said.

In an article in Newsweek, one woman interviewed said she tho remembers her initial encounter v the former Carolyn Bessette:

"I mental what she was wearing the first time I saw her: penny loafers, no socks, black leggings, a white T-shirt and also a jacket . . . She looked fantastic. You want to look favor that.

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