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Victoria’s mystery Height Discrimination and Body Stereotype Live On and also On and On. Not ANYMORE!

FASHION previous “YOU MUST have actually VISION, TO have VISION”

thisisjustarandomplaceholderBrand Ambassador Ann Lauren

This perpetual stereotype spreading continues to parody the fashion sector standards.

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This is the old world of fashion make-believe makes women feeling inferior and also not beautiful if they are much shorter than 5’9″ and not a dimension 0!

The cherry on optimal is they will photoshop out your curves, don’t gain me began on the issue, LOL! I’ll save those think for another future short article vision calling because that change.

After all predictions space easy and call, but transforming opinions, and also discrimination requires more than genius, it takes courage, vision, and also determination, all while world call friend crazy.

For year the VSC’s televised fashion show beginning in 1990s featuring supermodels:Tyra Banks,Heidi Klum, Karen Mulder, Daniela Pestova, Inés Rivero, and also Stephanie Seymour, and also the bevy the tall, beautiful models continue to existing days.



Fact, the shortest runway and also catalog model was Laetitia Casta at 5’6. She walked down the annual Victoria’s secret Fashion present in 1997, 1998, 1999, and also 2000. Casta was one of the company’s signature Victoria’s mystery Angels from 1998 come 2000. She insurance claims that her career v Victoria’s mystery ended because she to be “too lot of a rebel.”

We compete that Casta did no fit their right height and also body stereotype illustrated on the shows and also in the catalogs so in turn she was let go.

thisisjustarandomplaceholderVictoria’s secret Models juxtaposed v Laetitia Casta and Kate Moss.
thisisjustarandomplaceholderVictoria’s an enig Angel Models

Then there’s Kate Moss 5’6″ typical sense tells united state that there’s no secret mystery as to why one of the most well-known supermodels in the world has never made her debut top top the VS runway or in the pages the the VSC catalog,.

While Kate might be short on height by VSC standards, she beauty is iconic and most would certainly say encapsulates fashion’s essence.

To us, the is pure insanity the Victoria’s mystery doesn’t use petite models come wear lingerie or swimsuits in your catalog, campaigns, and on the runway.

After every petite females were their target consumers that sustained the VSC enterprise, without our usage they would certainly never have existed.

At last, Bella Petite Magazine gotten rid of the final obstacle for petite females to love their look and also their bodies!

Together, we share a common cause in reality and also acceptance for women of every heights, human body types, ages, and ethnicities. Show your support gain a Bella Petite designer t-shirt.

Bella Petite newspaper Editor and also Fashion Designer Ann Lauren the industry readjust Agent 15 referred to as for it. The beauty and fashion paradigm change happened. The breaking News Update
noted by The new York Post


Fashion currently features arising Tech Fashion On-Demand with Ann Lauren Clothing.

Ann Lauren clothes is a designer fashion that fits women; petite fit, curvy, plus-sized, and also standard dimension heights too it’s around time!

Ann Lauren is a petite-centric fashion house.

On the horizon, Bella Petite Magazine design Search in association through Ann Lauren clothes exclusive fashion show debut throughout ‘2020 The te of Destiny!’ clock us proceed to disrupt and shift the paradigm the fashion is beauty whereby the possibilities room endless.


LIKE IT, OR NOT? Tell united state below.

"freaky amazon" says:

I’m pretty tall at 5’10, simply to clarify. I’m likewise sick and also tired of rubbish spewed out by petite females cursing the end the modeling world.

I am a model, and I attend modeling school and the an initial thing the version coach said to the girl (30 of us in total), is the we space no longer humans. We room now garments hangers, and if they want a real and beautiful woman, they would pick a smaller and an ext feminine woman choose you Bella Petite.

The just reason I can be a model, is due to the fact that I have actually no shape and also I understand it. There is nothing glamorus about being a version on the runway or in publish we don’t also look great in human being our photos space fake they room photoshopped and it renders me have a poor self image. People constantly tell me ns look finest in pictures, makes me sad.

There space no feminine curves that a big chunk that petite females have. There room no good lines. Simply straight bony shoulders, level hips, and also long legs. The is what we tall gals are to the modeling industry.

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Do you petite women want to it is in models? Go best ahead. However then you have actually no best to complain about being called a hanger, and you have actually to address it.

I have modeled many brands, yet only one or 2 of the brands fit me. I deserve to only fit into the specially made apparel for the shoots, and also besides that, the lengthy pants become capris, and also the long sleeved shirts become 3/4 size shirts.