Bill’s motto is “hard work and honesty,” despite he has actually been known to use unconventional methods — the partly describes the nickname “Wild” — to keep his crew going strong.

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While he has a perhaps intimidating reputation, invoice can earlier up his words through the skills to acquire the task done. He has considerable experience as a marine engineer, watercraft electrician, and commercial fisherman. That is keenly aware of the risk natural in his profession, one widely recognized as the world’s most dangerous job.

After graduating from Norwin High institution in 1975, bill joined the Navy and moved come the West Coast. Once his military company ended four years later, the large money earned by Alaska’s king-crab fisherman lured him to the Bering Sea. There, he spent the next 20 years, at some point working his means up the ladder to captain. That semi-retired in 2005 to operation sportfishing tours out of Costa Rica and also Alaska.

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But together the economic situation took a downturn, invoice went from running sportfishing boats for 3 years in Costa Rica and also Alaska to wonder what to be next. That was around this time the the show Deadliest catch on the discovery Channel had actually taken off beyond expectations — and also Captain Wild Bill chose to get ago into advertising fishing and also take a spot on the show. In 2010 — the show’s 6th season — he broke into the tight-knit one of Deadliest record captains. 2 years later, Bill brought his son, Zack Larson, on board his ship together greenhorn.

Bill is initially from Irwin, PA, east of Pittsburgh. In the off-season, he makes his residence in mountain Carlos, Mexico. Bill enjoys travel, horseback riding, NASCAR, and sports fishing. The supports non-profit projects consisting of Wounded Warriors and also breast cancer charities. In enhancement to Zack, he has actually a younger son, Jake, and a daughter, Delia.

Boats Wild Bill has captained in his career:

F/V Summer Bay
F/V Cape Caution
F/V ar Five
F/V Arctic Eagle
F/V Sandra Five
F/V Kodiak

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Discovery’s deadliest Catch