Tommie Lee (real name – Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson Moore) is an American rapper, reality star, and also urban model who is best known for starring on VH1’s Love & i know well Hop: Atlanta.

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Lee was born top top June 19, 1984, in Newark, new Jersey, USA. She has a sister named Versace. She mother’s name is Samantha.

Love & hip Hop: Atlanta

She do a cameo appearance in season one of Love & hip Hop: Atlanta, whereby Tommie is watched attending American rapper Rasheeda’s hearne party.

Tommie joined the supporting actors of season 5 of Love & hip Hop: Atlanta as the girlfriend of rapper Scrapp DeLeon.

She was advocated to the main actors on Love & i know well Hop: Atlanta in its 6th season. She claimed to AJC:

”I love television. I love being able to show my life and getting paid for me gift me.”

During the reality show, Lee had actually feuds with Puerto Rican-American fact television personality Joseline Hernandez.

When she very first joined the cast of Love & i know good Hop: Atlanta, Tommie has revealed she had actually been arrested around 30 time throughout her life. She explained:

”Half the time I’ve to be on probation without going come prison.”

Tommie walk on come say:

”Half the moment I was put on probation but I to be still a badass. Ns still would certainly violate probation.”

In illustration 11 of season 7 the Love & i know well Hop: Atlanta, she assaulted a producer. Later, executive producer Stephanie Gayle announced the Lee to be no longer permitted on set. However, Tommie returned after 2 episodes.


Getty ImagesLee earned most of her wealth from certification in periods 6 and 7 of Love & i know well Hop: Atlanta. Also, Tommiewas a supporting actors member beginning in season 5.

From 2017 come 2018, Tommie had a supporting function in leaving It to Stevie, a truth TV collection featuring American DJ Stevie J.

In 2018, Lee appeared on Love and Hip Hop: new York, if in 2019, Tommie had actually an illustration on the TV collection The Real.

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Therefore, ‘Love & hip Hop: Atlanta’ Star Tommie Lee has actually an estimated net precious of $0.5 million.

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