Tiny Harris is 4ft 11in tall and also she"s that African-American and also European ancestry. Her an individual net worth is approximated at $5 million. She married rapper "T.I." in July 2010 after numerous years the dating. They have three children, Clifford “King” Joseph, major Philant, and Heiress Diana.

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Tiny Harris is 4ft 11in tall and she"s the African-American and European ancestry. Her personal net precious is approximated at $5 million. She married rapper "T.I." in July 2010 after numerous years that dating. They have actually three children, Clifford “King” Joseph, significant Philant, and also Heiress Diana.

Additionally, what is Tiny real name? Tameka Dianne "Tiny" Harris (née Cottle; born July 14, 1975) is an American singer-songwriter from Jonesboro, Georgia. Cottle climbed to call in the 1990s together a member the the American multi-platinum R&B vocal group Xscape.

Similarly, it is asked, just how tall is small Harris?


How old is tiny and TI?

T.I. to be 21 and Tiny to be 26.

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What is TI worth?

$50 million
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Who is the tallest rapper alive?

A considerable list that the optimal 25 tallest emcees.
18.) Waka Flocka - 6"3. 17.) J. Cole - 6"3.5. 16.) The game - 6"3.5. 15.) Snoop Dogg - 6"3.5. 13.) Wiz Khalifa - 6"4. 12.) Bobby Creekwater - 6"4. 9.) 2 Chainz - 6"5. 6.) Slim Thug - 6"6.
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Is precious TI organic sister?

is precious TI biological Sister. Tip has actually a combined family, and Precious isn"t his full sibling. She and Tip re-publishing a father, girlfriend Harris, that sadly died of Alzheimer"s disease. She has a various mother though.
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Who is TI wife?

Tameka Cottle
m. 2010
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Who is the shortest rapper alive?

It"s actually pretty rare for a rapper
to more than 6 feet. The shortest of every time to be Bushwick bill of Geto boys fame at 3"8". Lil Kim is 4"9" and also clocks in as the shortest woman rapper. Phife Dog is the shortest semi famed male without dwarfism in ~ 5"3".
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How high is guideline Harris?

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What walk ti mean?

The “Ti” on NVIDIA graphic cards stands for “Titanium” and means the map is more powerful than the non-Ti version through the same version number.
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Does TI have a tattoo?

T.I. defines Why He has No Tattoos #TI share the two reasons he never acquired a tattoo.
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What is TI famed for?

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. Or T.I. is an American rapper, document producer and an actor famous for his donation to the laboratory music after ~ he presented Trap as a brand-new rap music kind and acquired mammoth popularity. Harris signed his very an initial record transaction in 1999 through LaFace Records and also hasn"t looked back ever since.
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How high is Tiny"s wife?

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What songs has tiny written?

Hitmaker: 6 composing Credits small Harris has Under she Belt
"No Scrubs" - TLC. The currently iconic song around crusty dudes was co-penned by Harris along with Xscape member and bestie Kandi Burruss, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and Kevin "She"kspere" Briggs. ""Dance v Me"" - Le Youth ft. "Shape that You" - Ed Sheeran.
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Are tiny and also Shekinah tho friends 2019?

According come TheJasmine Brand.com, Shekinah "Jo" Anderson and also Tiny have actually reportedly finished their friendship, i beg your pardon goes earlier years. The so-called insider said, "Shekinah is among those friends that as soon as she"s not friends through you anymore, she doesn"t want any kind of of her various other friends to speak to them.
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What"s wrong with valuable Harris?

Precious Harris, legally well-known as Antoinette Chapman, came to be unconscious if driving her brother"s evade Avenger on Feb. “Antoinette Chapman passed away as a result of cocaine toxicity i m sorry aggravated hypertensive cardiovascular condition (high blood pressure).
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How old is king Harris?

39years (September 25, 1980)
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Who is small Harris married to?


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m. 2010
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Is Tip and Tiny quiet together?

Despite allegations that infidelity, living in separate houses and a near-divorce, T.I. And also Tiny
Harris space still together. Due to the fact that then, year of rumors and also allegations have complied with the music couple, and also Tiny (real name Tameka Harris) filed for divorce in 2016. However, they have been working at reconciliation.
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