ValleyfairLocationValleyfairPark sectionSouth MidwayCoordinates44°47′54.81″N 93°27′31.43″W / 44.7985583°N 93.4587306°W / 44.7985583; -93.4587306Coordinates: 44°47′54.81″N 93°27′31.43″W / 44.7985583°N 93.4587306°W / 44.7985583; -93.4587306StatusOperatingOpening dateMay 11, 1996Cost$9,500,000 USDGeneral statisticsTypeSteelManufacturerD. H. Morgan ManufacturingDesignerSteve OkamotoModelHypercoasterTrack layoutOut and also BackLift/launch systemChain-liftHeight207 ft (63 m)Drop196 ft (60 m)Length5,460 ft (1,660 m)Speed75 mph (121 km/h)Inversions0Duration3:00Max upright angle60°Capacity1,700 riders per hourG-force4.1Height restriction48 in (122 cm)Trains3 trains v 6 cars. Riders space arranged 2 across in 3 rows for a complete of 36 riders every train.

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Wild point at RCDBPictures the Wild thing at RCDB

Wild Thing is a hypercoaster situated at Valleyfair. That is one out-and-back roller coaster with more than one mile (1.6 km) the track. Its very first hill is 207 feet (63 m) v a 60 level drop, and reaches speeds of as much as 74 mph (119 km/h). Wild Thing"s height was collection by the FAA, due to the nearby presence of paris Cloud Airport.

Designed and also manufactured by D. H. Morgan Manufacturing, it to be the very first hypercoaster to be developed by the company, opened in 1996. It was the 5th tallest coaster in the world when the opened. The ride"s success led to the construction of Steel pressure at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1997 and Mamba at civilizations of fun in Kansas City, Missouri the following year.

The ride


After the ascent to the height of the 207 ft (63.1m) background hill, the train plunges under the 196 ft (59.7 m) drop, getting to the maximum rate of 74 mph (119.1 km/h). The train climate enters a 103 ft (31.4m) parabolic hill, resulting in one of the longest low gravity sections of any coaster in the world. ~ the hill, the train climbs a bigger 130 ft (39.6m) hill and turns left followed by a huge figure-eight turnaround. The train then makes a s-turn into a mid-course brake run. Adhered to by several airtime hills, 2 of which room inside a tunnel where riders room photographed via on-ride camera. The train is led right into a final brake run followed by a ideal turn back into the station.

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