Ren Keyu has constantly towered over his classmates. At seven feet and three inches, the 14-year-old native China has end up being the world"s tallest masculine teenager.

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According come CGTN, Ren Keyu is a junior high institution student native the city the Leshan in southwest China"s Sichuan Province.

He was shown as the world"s tallest teens (male) after Guinness human being Records published the result on their website. The measurement procedure was lugged out earlier in October, when a Guinness main visited Ren at his home.

"Ren Keyu measure a staggering 221.03 cm," Guinness world Records wrote in a statement published on your website, confirming that the student now holds the record for the tallest male under the age of 18 years.

According to The Sun, the teens is so tall that he had actually to have actually special furniture made therefore he might fit right into his study.

"Since i have gotten in school, I have actually noticed that ns am taller than the other youngsters at mine age," that said.

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"Many students to be mistaking me together a other from the senior generation. That did annoy me however I made decision to make it something hopeful by applying to Guinness to view if I might get the world record."

The document for the world"s tallest masculine teenager was previously held Kevin Bradford the the USA, who was over 5 cm much shorter than Ren in his teenage years.

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