Introduced in 2003 — appropriately in the Tower area the the park — Superman Tower of strength is the tallest S&S combo autumn tower drive in the world. The journey blasts passengers up and also down practically 250 feet in the air through nothing yet compressed air.

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Ride Operation

S&S tower rides commonly operate among two modes: “Space Shot” setting where the vehicle launches upward, and “Turbo Drop” mode where the automobile slowly rises to the top prior to freefalling. Combo towers prefer Superman Tower that Power incorporate the 2 modes, initially launching the car upward before bouncing a few times and rising come the top before a last freefall. Throughout the warm summer months the ride has actually operated in the “Space Shot” mode because of the danger of overheating if the longer combo setting is used.

The ride’s enormous structure tops the end at 325 feet while the ride vehicles usually only travel to a height of about 245 feet.

Superman Tower of strength Photos


View indigenous the Oil Derrick

Superman v Mr. Freeze and Batman in the background



Descriptive biographies the superheroes in the queue line assist pass the time


Former Ride

Superman Tower of power stands top top the previous site of air Racer



Each ride automobile holds 12 passengers


Preparing come Launch

Riders prepare to launch upward

Queue Line

The queue heat is shaded and misted to cut down on the heat

Superman Tower of strength Stats

Ride Type:Combo autumn Tower
Year Introduced:2003
Manufacturer:S&S Power
Height Requirement:52 in.
Thrill Rating:Max
Park Section:Tower
Flash pass Enabled:Yes

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