The Stratosphere Tower has become a one-of-a-kind landmark in the las vegas skyline and, at 1,149 feet high, Stratosphere Tower is the spot for the ultimate see of ras Vegas and offers the highest thrill rides in the country, consisting of the ever before popular Skyjump. If you"ve never experienced Stratosphere rides, you"re in for a treat!


Stratosphere Tower drive Prices

Stratosphere Tower ride prices can vary but it"s typically cheaper ticket buying digital than in ~ the STRAT hotel.

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1. SkyJump las Vegas

SkyJump Price

$123.95 per Jump in ~ Viator

SkyJump Locals Discount

Nevada locals can SkyJump for a diminished price the $99.99. Locals must current a Nevada ID as soon as checking in for your jump.

If you Chicken Out...

You will certainly not be reimbursed. You will obtain a "Chicken Out" voucher for what was originally purchased and may it is in transferable to an additional person.

SkyJump Hours

Sunday through Thursday: 10am - 1amFriday with Saturday: 10am - 2am

Height and also Weight Minimum and also Restrictions

Height minimum is 52 customs or taller. Best weight capacity is 265 pounds per person.

Age Requirement

The age requirement is 14 years or older. Riders under 18 years of age must have actually parental guidance through a precious ID in order to jump. If a parental or guardian is no present, a notarized letter need to be presented giving permission. A parental or guardian the the child need to sign a waiver stating the the child is in good health and that that OK because that the son to jump.

Do you ever before question her sanity? You might want to prior to you get on this ride. However as castle say, just do it. Prevent with the questioning, the doubts, the fear...take the dive off the 108th floor that the Stratosphere Tower with SkyJump--it"s a full rush.

Stratosphere SkyJump is the heart-pounding, scream-inducing, open-air leap native 829 feet over the ras Vegas Strip. You"ll zoom towards the landing pad at speed topping 40mph, while the crowds listed below gasp and also applaud your insanity....ehm, we mean your bravado! You have the right to SkyJump during the day or brave a nighttime jump. View age and also height/weight restrictions below.

2. Large Shot

Big Shot las Vegas


Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 1amFriday - Saturday: 10am - 2am

Height and Weight Minumums and also Restrictions

Must be at the very least 48" high to journey the huge Shot

The big Shop is billed as the las vegas amusement park ride the touches the sky. You"ll be strapped top top the large Shot and be shooting 160 feet in the air in ~ 45 miles every hour! There"s no better view that the las Vegas Valley! In a issue of seconds, the big Shot thrill drive catapults 16 riders from the 921-foot high platform up the Tower"s mast to a height of 1,081 feet and also down again. Prior to you capture your breath, you"ll it is in shot earlier up again at pressures unmatched by various other Vegas thrill parks! experience a gut-wrenching four "G"s of pressure on the method up, and also feel negative "G"s top top the means down as your legs dangle in the ras Vegas skyline.

3. Insanity

Stratosphere Insanity


Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 1amFriday - Saturday: 10am - 2am

Height and also Weight Minumums and Restrictions

Must be at least 52" high to journey Insanity

Insanity the journey is a important mind-bending experience! A enormous mechanical arm expanding out 64 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower at a elevation of over 900 feet, this las vegas ride will certainly spin you and also several other passengers in the open up air at speeds of increase to three "G"s. You"ll be pushed up come an angle of 70 degrees, which will certainly tilt your body into one place ? right down! If you"re brave sufficient to keep your eye open, you"ll be rewarded v a breathtaking view of historic downtown ras Vegas. Endure Insanity and also walk far to tell the tale!

4. X-Scream

Stratosphere X-Scream


Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 1amFriday - Saturday: 10am - 2am

Height and also Weight Minumums and also Restrictions

Must be at the very least 52" tall to drive the X-Scream.

Stratosphere Tower Discounts and Coupons

A couple of discounts are available for admission to the Stratosphere Tower:

For THE STRAT Hotel Guests

Hotel guest of the The STRAT Hotel can experience SkyJump because that a decreased price the $99.99. Hotel guests must show their room crucial at the SkyJump Store as soon as booking their reservation.

For Nevada Locals

Nevada locals get to SkyJump for $99.99. You must current Nevada ID.

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Ever play on a gigantic teeter-totter, 866 feet over the ground? through X-Scream, girlfriend can! It"s an are age, however simplistic architecture resembles a massive teeter-totter or a las vegas rollercoaster unlike any other ever before seen. X-Scream propels you and also several other riders headfirst, 27 feet end the leaf of the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower. Try not come scream as soon as you go over the sheet ? girlfriend don"t desire to scare the various other riders! After being shot end the edge, you"ll dangle weightlessly over the ras Vegas Strip prior to being pulled back and thrust over again because that more.

Stratosphere Tower Rides

Among the fun rides in ~ the Stratoshpere Tower is SkyJump, a an excellent attraction because that thrill seekers who aren"t afraid of heights. SkyJump is located on Level 108! Wow, that"s the highest view in Vegas! Here"s just how SkyJmp works: you"re strapped into a harness, attached come the "descender machine" and step off a small platform only to plunge 855 feet directly down! Yikkes! In enhancement to SkyJump, the Stratosphere boasts a number of other hair-raising attractions including the huge Shot, a seated, shorter but same thrilling ride, and also X Scream, i m sorry extends you over the ledge of the Stratosphere Tower -- and leaves you there. The avoid is only for a few seconds, yet it"s long enough to make you evaluate attractions ~ above the first floor. A fourth ride is referred to as Insanity-The Ride. Nothing an ext needs it is in said!