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Getty The 75-foot-tall tree found at dad Al’s basic Store in Oneonta, new York, will certainly be erected and also decorated in thousands of lights and holiday accessories for the annual Rockefeller center tradition.

2020 clues the 88th year the the Rockefeller facility Christmas Tree light ceremony. This year’s Norway Spruce hails native Oneonta, new York, additionally known as the “City the the Hills.”

Oneonta is the only city that has donated much more than one tree for the well known tree bright ceremomy. The day-to-day Star reported a 94-foot tree was donated in 2016.

The Norway Spruce belonged to Allan and also Susan Dick, who very own Daddy Al’s basic Store in Oneonta. The family supported the tree donation ~ above the store’s facebook page and also encouraged customers to re-superstructure photos of the spruce. Rockefeller facility posted a video clip of the team cutting down the Norway Spruce and getting it ready for transport to NYC.

Daddy Al’s tree to be scouted year in advance. Follow to the day-to-day Star, a Rockefeller facility representative saw the tree in 2016 together he was traveling v the area and also thought it would certainly be perfect as soon as it grew a few more feet. The newspaper reported that “every 6 months over the next four years, Rockefeller officials visited the tree come water and also fertilize it, grooming the spruce for its destiny together a new York City landmark.”

Once in brand-new York City, the tree was decorated with much more than 50,000 multi-colored LED lights. The Rockefeller center website notes the lights are hosted up by wire that stretched around five mile long. The Swarovski star that sits atop the tree is spanned with three million crystals and weighs about 900 pounds. Architect Daniel Libeskind designed the star.

A tiny Owl to be Rescued indigenous the Rockefeller Tree before It to be Hoisted into Place

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Getty The Rockefeller facility Christmas Tree arrives and is craned right into place ~ above November 14, 2020 in new York City.

The 2020 tree arrived in midtown Manhattan top top November 14. The NYPD listed a protection escort and shared a video clip of the entourage, complete with festive holiday music, on Twitter.

The Norway Spruce was lugged in top top a 115-foot-long trailer and collection up utilizing a crane, WABC-TV reported. However right before workers were around to progressive the tree, they had actually to pause to rescue a tiny bird discovered within the Norway Spruce.