My huge Life may have actually wrapped in 2017, but we can"t forget the TLC present or the larger-than-life stars. Each of the show"s main actors members is over 6 feet and six inches tall, and each also has a vibrant personality that created some pretty compelling truth TV. End the show"s 3 seasons, the lives of eight ladies were portrayed. 

There to be former professional volleyball player Colleen "Coco Smith", German immigrant Katja Bavendam, newlywed Haleigh Hampton-Carvalho, actress Lindsay Kay Howard, business man Alicia Jay, and life coach Krista Kay Rabenberg . High college student and basketball player Nancy Mulkey also showed up in the first season the My huge Life, but didn"t remain for the following two seasons, and also Lexie Crist showed up in Season 2, leave the show after acquiring married in the season finale. The present explored what it is like to it is in an extraordinarily tall woman living a (mostly) normal life. If you"ve let go the ladies of My giant Life, keep reading for the inside scoop top top these impressive women.

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How are the females of My large Life therefore tall? plain and simple genetics. Katja"s mom is 6 feet tall, and also her father and sister space both 6 foot three. Colleen"s dad is six foot two, return her mommy is only five foot eight. Lindsay"s dad is 6 foot seven, when her mom is simply under 6 feet at 5 foot eleven.

Nancy"s whole family is also tall through her brothers measuring in in ~ over seven feet. She stated that people stare in ~ them and even take images when they are out in public. "It"s weird because my mother is tall yet no one pays attention to her as soon as she"s the end by herself," she said ESPN. "But when she"s out through me and also my brothers, world stare and take photos. My mommy doesn"t realize it, or it can just be because it didn"t take place to her previously in her life. I think through the an innovation we have now, it"s a lot simpler to take a picture."

When you"re much taller 보다 the average person, a most things deserve to be difficult, consisting of dating. The ladies of My giant Life have discovered that their elevation is regularly intimidating to various other people, and this has an affect on your romantic relationships. Lindsay told SheKnows the she holds out for taller men "because i don"t desire to feel prefer I"m holding a child"s hand."

She included that the points she finds many attractive in a man are his confidence and also personality, which makes finding that distinct someone tricky, since many males can"t address the fact that she is taller than them. Her height and her fame, however, have helped her dominance out men who aren"t compatible through her. "It"s very intimidating, ns guess, gift 6"9″ and a woman, so it helps weed out the ones the aren"t confident enough since if you"re as well insecure you"re not gonna be able to attend to it," she said. "I"ve had countless relationships break since I acquire so lot attention."

Unlike countless women, Colleen doesn"t have actually a problem dating males who are much shorter than her. This is a great thing, due to the fact that she stand at 6 feet and six and also a fifty percent inches tall, and also finding men roughly her height have the right to be a challenge. If she has dated higher men, she has learned that tall guys are even an ext intimidated by she height. "Tall men don"t desire to day tall girls" she told The san Diego Union-Tribune, explaining the tall men are supplied to gift the tall one in the relationship and therefore don"t choose that position being bring away over.

For Colleen, the sweet clues is from 5 feet and also 10 inch to 6 feet and three inches. The biggest attract for she is a confident guy who isn"t bothered by she height. The truth star revealed that men will regularly chat she up at the bar, yet their expressions change as quickly as she stands up and also they check out her full height. She admitted to having fun startling them with her tallness. "You need to entertain yourself a little," she said.

Many points that a human of average height takes for granted existing unique challenges to the ladies of My gigantic Life. Even straightforward things have the right to be difficult. Katja told the New York Post that she constantly pays much more for extra foot room top top flights, avoids lengthy bus trips, and even hesitates to view a show since theater seats are uncomfortable because that someone of her height. Fitting right into the subway is also a possibly hazardous point for her, thanks to its short ceilings.

For Colleen, detect a vehicle with enough leg room and also finding clothes that fit she are simply two things that make her life much more difficult. Furniture, counters, and sinks are likewise put in ~ an inconvenient level. The My large Life star has actually a part-time catering business, and also had to construct a one-of-a-kind table for food prep the was much more than a foot higher than average. The best challenge, though, is the stares she it s okay in public. "I can"t do a mistake in public due to the fact that everyone remembers, "It to be the tall girl,"" she called the San Diego Union-Tribune.

While there space a many of an overwhelming things about being for this reason tall, it"s not all bad. There space some perks to being over six and a half feet tall. Because that one, "You never get lost in a crowd," Colleen told SheKnows. "Concerts room my favorite location to be high — you can be in the ago row. Maybe one thing that"s type of a bummer is that you can"t be ideal up front due to the fact that people will obtain really upset. Yet I"m usually in the middle, and I have actually at least 10 feet behind me, so that"s my own tiny dance floor."

For Lindsay, the biggest asset is being regarded as a natural leader. "It"s taught me responsibility; it"s taught me self-respect and it"s teach me mutual respect for everybody else," she said. "I think that"s the point that ns love about it is the you just obtain to it is in a leader and also be yourself. You gain to own it; you gain to be confident. You have actually that opportunity, and also a lot of of civilization don"t."

Not only do the ladies of My huge Life address all that the continual pressures that come with having actually a famous confront that (literally) stands the end from the crowd, but they likewise get some undesirable admirers who are less than respectful of their privacy. The fist they obtain can come to be pretty creepy.

Katja decided to join the cast of My large Life because people were currently so invasive that she figured she might too put her life on TV. "I obtain approached for this reason much and my photo is floating approximately on fetish websites; I currently feel prefer a publicly person," she told the New York Post. "I might as well have some fun through it... Because my life already feels favor I"m component of a show. World feel entitled to talk to me and ask for my life story."

The ladies of My giant Life have found different ways of dealing with the haters. Krista has actually one secret weapon to combat anything an unfavorable directed in the direction of her: She"s to be fighting earlier with laughter since her pre-teen years. "Middle school was most likely the worst for me. My main coping technique was comedy," she said Life & Style. "I would just agree v what people would say in a joking manner, i m sorry takes the power away indigenous the bully. How world treat you shows who lock are and NOT that you are."

Today, she"s turning her mystery weapon into a budding stand-up career. "I have increased my knowledge of comedy through practicing at open mics, the town hall comedians online and writing down funny points that happen to me because of just how tall ns am," she said Prairie wife in Heels. "There is literally new material every day! The jokes write themselves."

Lindsay has actually led a glamorous life, even outside the show. The fact star is likewise an actress, and even stop a Guinness world Record. She was awarded the record for tallest actress in a leading duty in the 2013 film R100.

Lindsay"s decision to be on My gigantic Life likewise ties right into her acting. "First the all, I"m an actress so i feel that one of the most vital things because that me is sharing my message, i m sorry is to aid young girls, women and also really anyone to simply own what makes them unique," she told SheKnows. "To have actually that possibility to share the message and be like, "Here"s what ns went through and also I know you might be going v something that"s not the same, but you deserve to relate v me." when I to be (younger), i didn"t have anyone come relate with... I would simply love to have actually that capacity to relate v people."

Growing up tall is daunting because children are often bullied for points that make them different. "Kids are typical if friend have brief hair or large ears, therefore to be tall, ns think the was definitely a little more challenging," Colleen called My gigantic Life.

For Alicia, however, things were even harder since she wasn"t just teased for her height, yet for her race as well. "Kids to be mean small things," she created on her website, "They always found a method to make the very same comment hurt choose a new one. Together I flourished older (pun intended) I discovered myself to not only be the tallest one in college but likewise the blackest. That"s not very PC however that is specifically what that was. I, and a handful of various other kids, to be the only ethnic people in my school. Thus, i was dual different and got dual the input. Over there wasn"t a day the went by where I wasn"t reminded that i wasn"t normal."

When Haleigh to be approached about starring on My gigantic Life, she believed the totality thing was a joke. The miscommunication an extremely nearly brought about her not being top top the present at all. She to be a student athlete in ~ Clemson University when the producer of My giant Life contacted her volleyball coach. "We believed it to be a joke," Haleigh said Times totally free Press. "We had a really an excellent laugh about it. Coach emailed back, "Haleigh is onboard.""

Haleigh didn"t in reality realize the the show was actual until a casting agency interviewed she on Skype. Her then-boyfriend, Bryan Carvalho, was likewise interviewed. At five feet and also eight inches, he"s virtually a foot much shorter than his now-wife, who actions in at six feet and seven inches. As we currently know, the pair nailed the interview and also their blossoming relationship and eventual marital relationship was one of the ideal parts of the show.

Haleigh isn"t the only My giant Life actors member who almost missed she shot at gift on the show. Nancy, in ~ 17, was the youngest person to appear on the show. She to be recruited with her high college basketball coach, who forgot to tell her around receiving an e-mail native the show"s producers until 2 days prior to the deadline.

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"I told my mom about it as shortly as ns heard," Nancy called ESPN. "She thought around it and said, "That would certainly be cool, to just let everyone know around the battles that tall people go through." So, us did a chat application interview v someone native the show. Lock asked me questions around my height and also my life, and then quickly after I found out TLC choose me."

Nancy never ever expected to finish up top top TV, but was excited for the opportunity. "I really don"t know what words there are to explain it — it took my breath away," she said about finding the end she had been actors on the show.

Like countless of she castmates, Nancy was not always comfortable through being so tall. She thrived up in a tall family, so it wasn"t till kindergarten that she establish she was taller 보다 average. "We would certainly line increase in alphabetical order because that lunch and also it would certainly be short, short, short, short and then every one of a sudden there to be me standing means above anyone else, and then right earlier to short, short, short," she told ESPN. "Like a rollercoaster! Or maybe simply a yes, really steep hill. I don"t know exactly how tall i was then, but in saturday grade i was 6"7."

Nancy added that she no it when world stare at her, but that she loves being tall. "If i wasn"t 6"9, ns don"t know if I would certainly be walk to university on a basketball scholarship," she said. "I just love gift tall. Ns wouldn"t trade it because that the world."

Being so tall isn"t easy, but Krista believes that there is a objective for her height. The former basketball player told Prairie mam in Heels that after she left the sport, she struggled with her identity. "I worked virtually my entire life to enhance at this sport, then it finished abruptly," she said. "I knew i was born right into this body because that a reason and it was a bigger reason than just to placed a ball in a hoop." The belief that she was born because that a "bigger reason" led Krista to obtain a master"s degree in counseling and then to come to be a motivational speaker. She goal, follow to the website for her public speaking services, Krista Kay Coaching, is "to guide human being towards self-acceptance, confidence, and happiness."

Krista added, "I hope you are encouraged to take manage over your joy and shift your focus and energy towards what you deserve to control. Lastly, i want civilization to walk out of the room and be proud of that they are, not ashamed of exactly how someone else sees them."

Katja"s extraordinary elevation meant the her possibilities of finishing up with someone much shorter than her were likely, yet at 5"2, she wife"s elevation makes for a staggering distinction of much more than a foot in between their heights. The height distinction isn"t the only thing notable around their authorized on the show. The end of the cast, Katja is the only one in a same-sex relationship. One of the reasons she wanted to it is in on the show was to promote the LGBT community. "I additionally wanted to create some awareness and put ourselves out there as a lesbian couple, understanding that there will certainly be a lot of viewers the don"t approve of that." she called the Windy City Times. "We want to with at least one person that won"t see united state as scary and also open their minds up."

Katja added, "We wanted to placed ourselves out there as component of the LGBT community. When we space a bit unique with two women having actually a baby, i hope everyone can relate come us. I"m happy they picked us to have actually some social diversity in the show."