There's no shortage of things to perform in new York City, and also now that Hudson Yards has opened its the town hall platform, you'll have one more activity to include to your list. Together of today, Edge, the 1,131-foot-high observation deck that's the tallest artificial outdoor viewing platform in the western Hemisphere, is open to visitors.

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Like a jagged tooth, the triangle Edge expand 80 feet turn off of the south and also east sides of the 100th floor the 30 Hudson Yards, who current and future tenants include WarnerMedia and KKR; both the platform and also building to be designed by new York-based architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox. To reach it, you’ll get in through the fourth floor of 20 Hudson Yards, also known as the Shops and also Restaurants, wherein you’ll wind your way through a tunnel—an "experience" however to it is in made public—toward among two double-stacked elevators. A 60-second ride will shoot you upward to the deck, where panoramic city views, from the Statue that Liberty to main Park and beyond, await. Buy her tickets online, whereby they’ll be slightly cheaper—$36 for adults, rather of $38 on-site.

If this sounds comparable to the endure you’d have over at the empire State building or One human being Observatory, it’s not, according to Edge’s creators. “It most likely sounds corny, yet it’s a new look,” states John Kelly, vice chairman of design and also construction at associated Companies, the actual estate certain behind Hudson Yards. “It’s 7,500 square feet of unenclosed out space. It’s no walking roughly the structural main point of a building, where whatever is limited. It’s favor an the end plaza.”

The room has out tiered seating, which serve as stairs that visitors can climb to go into the 101st floor, as well as seating room where visitors deserve to take in the legitimately breathtaking views of the city. “It shouldn’t feel prefer there room lines the people roughly all the glass,” states Jason Horkin, associated Companies’ executive director that Hudson Yards experiences. “It must feel like you can walk around and do things, with numerous opportunity to move about through the space without it emotion cramped and also crowded, and like you fighting because that a position to take a picture.” You’re meant to linger up here, through the wind whipping v your hair—not to feel like you’re obtaining your ticket punched, talk the ride, and also exiting the doors as promptly as friend came through them.


John Kelly, vice chairman of design and also construction at related Companies, in ~ the Edge

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One attribute worth apartment on—literally—is Edge's 200-square-foot glass bottom. (It’s somewhat similar to Skydeck Chicago’s Ledge, an fastened glass balcony the extends 4 feet turn off the 103rd floor the Willis Tower, except that it’s outside.) Plus, yes nothing obstructing the views around and over you: the whole outdoor space is attached in 79 nine-foot-tall glass panels, every weighing in in ~ 1,400 pounds and also angled 6.6 levels outward. And also unlike other observation platforms, wherein you’re no exactly encouraged to physically push the boundaries, edge dares you to really go because that it: You can actually belly-up onto the panels to gain a watch of the city below.

If you’re wondering what the takes to construct a 765,000-pound deck in the sky, the prize is: a lot. (The platform, for instance, had to be developed four customs uphill, in order to counteract gravity and compensate for the huge weight.) but according come Kelly, the toughest component wasn’t necessarily figuring out how to do it work—it was just how to actually acquire the framework to the site. Comprised of 15 huge sections, sheet was fully assembled in Italy, upside-down, on a attempt run before being taken apart and also put on a delivery bound for Newark. Native there, it was invited onto a barge and also stored prior to it to be brought throughout the Hudson, and also driven down a shut-down West next Highway in the center of the night. “We had actually cranes positioned along ,” Kelly says, “just actually moving the signage—the piece were 25 feet wide, 40 feet long, 18 or 19 feet high—with police cars escorting us all the way. There was a big sigh the relief as soon as we acquired the pieces on-site.” also after make it to Hudson Yards, the communication took about a month to piece together.

For those no keen on the toe-tingling feeling that comes with walking top top glass more than 1,100 feet in the air, there’s additionally a Champagne bar within the 100th floor, whereby you can knock ago a glass while taking in 360 levels of enclosed views. And if you’d choose to hang the end for a meal—or to litter a party that your friends will certainly talk about for the next decade or two—there will certainly be a 10,000-square-foot bar, restaurant, café, and event space on the 101st floor (aptly called Peak, at the greatest usable space in the building), conceived by London-based hospitality team Rhubarb and available via an elevator, an at home glass staircase, and from the stair outside.

Edge is open seven work a week, year-round, from 8 a.m. Till midnight, even, up to a point, as soon as it snows (the team has installed radiant warmth beneath the four-inch-thick granite pavers)—proving the there’s no negative time to be at the optimal of the world.

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This story was originally published in October 2019. It has been to update with new information.