Cedar Point, Ohio deserve to be finest described as an enterprise nearly entirely concentrated on serving adrenaline junkies with the tallest, fastest and meanest rides ~ above the planet.

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Excluding a couple of kiddy rides placed in location to permit parents to sneak away because that a bit, you will certainly not find one more amusement park more well-equipped to accomplish all your thrill cravings.

The park has a full of 71 rides, 18 that which space high thrill roller coasters. It gives me a rush simply thinking about it.

No wonder it is referred to as the ‘Roller Coaster resources of the World’!

Also, if you no know– Cedar allude is also known for setup world records with that roller coasters across a multitude that criteria including height, speed, kind of coaster, etc.

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…And yet an additional stomach-lurching drop.

As you can see, this journey is no for the faint-hearted.

Millennium pressure not only meets the expectations of every adrenaline junkies yet it (without fail) likewise worms itself into your personal list of ideal Roller Coaster in the world.

3. Valravn (223 ft)

Minimum elevation requirement: 52”

Not just is this a very familiar name to those who check out my blog often, yet it is additionally an all-time Cedar point favorite. In the past, it has actually been called (cue the music) the tallest, longest and fastest dive roller coaster in the unified States!

For this one, Cedar point dreamt big, and also then made certain it all came through. When it was revealed to the general public in 2016, Valravan rightfully seized numerous people records for height, speed and also length.

If there to be a people record for setting world records, it would have seized that as well.

At 223 feet tall, this king amongst dive roller coasters take away no prisoners. It starts off through a bang and by that I average a steep incline leading to (of course) a 90-degree drop.

Unlike the usual roller coasters, Valravan doesn’t take you directly from the climb to the drop. Instead, it provides you a moment of remainder at the top, permitting you to take it in the ginormous 90-degree drop with a 180-degree view of Lake Erie.

After a few painful moments of waiting, you will certainly hurtle come the bottom and then it is in thrown right into a 270-degree inversion roll, followed by the OG Immelmann maneuver. Don’t worry though, the funny is no over yet.

How fast in Valravn at Cedar Point?

At a rate of 75 miles every hour, you will encounter one more stomach-lurching autumn of 131 feet. This time you will certainly not acquire to say your prayers prior to you go down, so ns hope you had actually said the the first time.

By the time, girlfriend regain manage of your senses, you will certainly be back where girlfriend began.

Congratulations, friend braved the Valravn!

4. Wicked Twister (215 ft)

Minimum height requirement: 52”

The tagline for this roller coaster is ‘Break the shout barrier’. That itself have to clue you into what you space expecting native the evil Twister.

True to its name, the ride has actually two incredibly twisted piece of track rising on either side of it prefer the horns that the devil himself. And also only the bravest of the brave (or hopeless adrenaline junkies favor me) venture into Hell’s mouth voluntarily.

The idea behind it is as basic as deserve to be: the train just goes up and down the 2 horns till it has gained sufficient momentum come propel you to the top of each.

So yes, that method for fifty percent you the journey, you will certainly be hurtling increase 215 feet… backwards.

Did friend not expect the twist? It’s called the angry Twister for God’s sake!

How quick is angry Twister in ~ Cedar Point?

This journey reaches a rate of approximately 72 mph. The track is 675 feet in length and most of that is increase in the air. While many roller coasters have you screaming just at details points, this one keeps friend screaming throughout.

So yeah, if you get a journey on the evil Twister, you shalt most definitely scream.

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5. Magnum XL and Steel Vengeance (205 ft)

Minimum elevation requirement: 48” and 52” respectively

Tied in the last ar are our last contenders– Magnum XL and also Steel Vengeance. While castle sound prefer a rapping duo, the two have actually hardly something in usual aside indigenous a primal rush of octane.

Magnum XL broke borders in 1989 when it was released first. Till this day, it stays a standard example of whatever a roller coaster can be. Not just was it the first hyper-coaster, yet it was additionally the fastest and also steepest complete-circuit coaster once.

If the does not add enough to its commendable perform of achievements, Magnum XL was likewise awarded the American Coaster enthusiasts (ACE) Roller Coaster Landmark.

How quick is Magnum XL at Cedar Point?

If girlfriend can gain past the bumpy ride, you’ll be cure to 72 mph the pure thrills!

One point that to adjust it apart from the remainder is that trademark ‘pretzel turnaround’ i m sorry is specifically as fun as that sounds. It additionally offers spectacular see from 205 feet increase in the air.

Lake Erie, the Cedar allude skyline and even the Canadian coast will it is in laid out in prior of you fro your eyes come feast on.

Steel Vengeance

Steel Vengeance, on the various other hand, is a gigantic contraption that seems to have been sculpted by Vulcan (the God the the Forges) himself. It birthed a whole new appreciation and also discovery the the Hyper-Hybrid roller coasters.

How rapid is stole Vengeance at Cedar Point?

You’ll scream to the optimal of her lungs going at 74 mph on this mammoth that a roller coaster.

This roller coaster provides 2 minutes and also 30 secs seem like an eternity with Cedar Point’s signature 90-degree drop, followed by an ext inversions, twists and also rolls you deserve to count. Steel Vengeance also consists of four (and i quote) “head-over-boots” inversions.

Let’s simply say that your Cedar allude visit is not complete without obtaining on this two poor boys.

Top Cedar allude Tips

Buy her tickets in breakthrough online. theme parks ensure that you stand in present a lot. Yet you don’t need to do the to purchase the ticket together well.Same goes because that parking. Don’t begin your day v unnecessary stress, reserve your parking spot front of time.Start in ~ the back. While everyone gets on the very first rides castle see, you do your means to the back and acquire on the huge rides first! cut down on every those wait times!Download the Cedar point app to understand the live wait times of different rides!Prioritize. understand which rides you really desire to acquire on, and also if there’s time left at the end of your day, go carry out the rest!

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Let’s Wrap it Up…

Unless you have actually a medical problem that stop you from dominating these giants, naught should organize you ago from acquisition a turn on them. These space one-of-a-kind thrill rides, totally unlike anything rather you would experience.

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So strap you yourself in tight. You room in because that the drive of a lifetime!

Which of the roller coasters at Cedar suggest is your favorite? allow us know in the comments ar below.