"Here"s the thing, though. Alex makes her own healthy recipes since she"s trying to "lose load for the wedding,"" Paige counters she older sister"s place that she"s the better chef.

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When you're the daughters the a Food Network star like Ree Drummond, the push is ~ above to show your own chops in the kitchen. And as it turns out, it's a little bit of a contentious topic at the Ranch regarding which sister is much better behind the cutting board. In a recent Instagram Live video on The Pioneer mrs Magazine's account, Paige and also Alex, obtain to pointing out their cooking talent — and also like most siblings, your views doesn't completely align.



In the Christmas night chat, Alex makes some concessions to she younger sister's skills, stating, "Paige is much better at baking, yet I would favor to think the I'm better at cooking. I choose to make healthy and balanced recipes." Considering Paige is all at once baking a coco cake when filming this video, we would indeed offer the baking edge to the younger Drummond sis.

After Alex responds, Paige then makes her POV loud and also clear, saying, "Here's the thing, though. Alex provides her own healthy and balanced recipes due to the fact that she's trying come 'lose weight for the wedding,'" and adding that she doesn't should lose any type of weight. (Alex is set to marry her fiancé Mauricio Scott this year.) "I just kind of cook whatever I'm craving. 'Cause I'm no 6'1" because that no reason. I use the height to mine advantage," she continues.

Watch the full video below. (Fast front to the 12:49 mark to hear their thoughts on just how their talent stacks up in the kitchen.)

With the Drummond kids pitching in v filming The Pioneer Woman during the coronavirus pandemic, us wonder if a trusted cook-off (or cookies-off!) in between Alex and also Paige is ~ above the horizon.

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Now, our only question is: i m sorry of the Drummond daughters deserve to laugh at us as much in the kitchen together their mama? If girlfriend possess that skill, anything you whip increase — charred or undercooked, salted, or too sour — is bound to be a success, and precious family members memory.